Sunday, September 04, 2011

Words With Friends

I'm going to be extremely honest with you.

I hate Words With Friends.

There aren't many people I can beat when I play it.

But there's one person I NEVER beat. Ever, ever, EVER.

And that most annoying person is Mama M from My Little Life.

She is crazy good at this game and uses words I've never heard of in my entire life.

Sometimes she'll message me and tell me where I should have placed my letters for maximum points.

Whatever, Mama.

What. Ever

But one day I pulled into the lead.

It was only one point, but still.

So I took a picture as a souvenir of our game.

Do you see it?

I had 201 points and she had a measly 200.

Oh yeah. She was gettin' nervous, I could tell.

Except for her next move she slammed me with a 4,367 point word.

Game over.

I still love her even though she won't throw the occasional game for my self esteem. it me that's throwing the games for her self esteem?

Yeah. That's it.



  1. Bwahahahahaha!! I still can't believe you took a screen shot...did you last night, too? ;) you make me feel like I need to throw a game. Or not. ( mom's been kickin' my behind...A LOT! Now SHE is wicked good!)

  2. Play me dkmissie I very seldom win lol