Tuesday, September 06, 2011

First Day

Well, the first day back to school was a success for the children. They each have friends in their classes and like their teachers. Relief abounds.

I had asked Ian to set the alarm for 7:15am this morning so I could hit the snooze once, then jump into the shower at 7:30. He woke me with this shocked look on his face and said that Sam and Julie were already awake, dressed, and had eaten breakfast. Sam was watching Matthew so Ian could shower, and Julie had walked the dog.

By 7:30 am!

Jordan and I had packed their lunches last night, so that was done. Ian dressed the little ones while I curled Julie's hair, and we were all out the door by 8:20, only 5 minutes behind schedule.

It's our first day of school tradition to take pictures of the children on my mom's front porch. We've done this every single year, and it's fun to see how much they've grown over the years. This year we took additional photos with Jordan and Matthew in them as well.

As much as I'd like to share their photos with you here on my blog, I haven't had the chance to ask Sam and Julie for their permission to do so. I want to ensure that their privacy continues to be respected.

As usual, Sam didn't want to walk anywhere near us on the way to school, but Julie wanted us to help her find where to go. Once she found her friends we were long forgotten.

I'd like to report that I did not cry this year. Every first day of school I cry because the children are growing so fast and it makes me sad. This year I was just excited for them. I'm sure that having two littles at home helps with that.

Jordan, Matthew and I had breakfast with my mom this morning which was really nice. I haven't seen her since we've been home from the beach. Ian was at a meeting with our Associate Pastor then ran some errands before picking us up and going home for nap time.

I picked up Sam and Julie after school and then went to The Children's Place so Julie could buy a t-shirt she wanted from the money she earned at the garage sale this past weekend. I was able to find a cute outfit for Matthew's upcoming dedication for 50% off.

Roast chicken for dinner, tomorrow's lunches have been made, the kitchen is cleaned and the dishwasher is running. It's now that time of night when we're all winding down and bedtimes are looming.

It felt good to get back into a bit of a routine again today. Jordan missed her brother and sister, but it was really nice for her to be the centre of attention again, I think.

I'm in the process of reviewing a Bible study dvd, so I'm off to watch the next lesson.

Hope you're little ones had a great first day back to school as well!



  1. So glad you had a great day!

  2. This is the first year that I, too, haven't dreaded the first day of school! I wasn't exactly looking forward to it, but my kids were so excited, I couldn't help but get excited with them!

  3. So glad the kids [& mama!] did well on their first day! Especially Sam..I think about him often. You're so blessed to have a helpful husband!! :)