Saturday, September 10, 2011

Girls And One Little Dude's Weekend

Yesterday I was determined to take the little ones out of the house for several hours so Ian could get some peace and quiet for his job search. It's hard to make phone calls when there is a baby crying in the background, or a pre-schooler demanding a drink over and over.

While I was curling Julie's hair my mom called to say she was just around the corner and could take the children to school. SCORE! They love it when she drives them because she gets them there early and they get more time to socialize with their friends. For me, it meant I could dry my hair properly and not have to pin it back like Snookie for the hundredth day in a row.

Thanks Mom!

I figured the mall would be a good place to fill in some time and burn some of Jordan's energy. I kept thinking of the little shoes I saw at Old Navy the night before. Turns out they were having a big sale on all baby items. So... I bought the shoes I liked so much for only $6 on sale. I got the next size up so he can wear them for a little while before outgrowing them. I ended up buying him a pair of high tops as well for $9. I also got two free pairs of socks!

While we were standing in line, Jordan pointed to something behind me and asked "What's that?" I turned around and saw a young child sitting in a stroller, dressed in a pink frilly skirt, pink ballet slippers and longish hair. So I said, "That's a little girl." To which I heard the haughtiest voice ever say "You mean, that's a little BOY."

"Excuse me?" I asked. She repeated what she had said in the same tone and then went off about skewed gender role expectations and other blather I wasn't really listening to. So when she was done ranting at me she asked what I had to say for myself . Holy pickles. I didn't have much to say after that. I think I said something like "Ok, well thanks for all that. Have a great day." But what I said in my mind was something else entirely.

You know those kiosks that are set up in the middle of the mall? The ones where someone comes right up in your face trying to get you to try their hand cream/flat iron/body lotion/whatever? I can't stand them. I avoid all eye contact in an attempt to discourage them from approaching me, but they don't care. Apparently a woman with an active and jumpy preschooler and a wailing infant isn't a deterrent for them either. One woman stepped right in my path trying to sell me her product. Oh the snippy things I would have liked to have said to her! Instead I just moved around her saying no thank you over and over. Eight times, to be exact. Gotta give girlfriend points for persistence.

We left the mall and stopped at my mom's for a short visit so she could cuddle Matthew and Jordan for a bit which she loves. I love that she lives so close that I can just stop in like that. Julie recently told me that her Gram's house feels like her other home. Love.

Our last stop was to Walmart to buy milk and some snacks for Ian and Sam to take with them on the youth retreat this weekend. Jordan was so tired by the time we got back to the van that she fell asleep clutching her fries in her fist.

We all drove over to the church at 5:45 to drop Ian and Sam off but we didn't stay. I felt sad about that, because we always stick around until the bus leaves, but I didn't have the energy to keep Jordan from running around, and having people pick at the baby, not to mention the tears that flow when Daddy leaves... We picked up subs for dinner on our way home and ate them in our pjs. Julie pulled out the sofa bed and made some s'mores afterwards while we watched tv until the girls crashed at 10:30. I was just about to let Wills out at 11 when I heard knocking at my front door. It was three slow knocks, all creepy like. Who knocks like that!? Killers do, that's who. My living room is on the second floor and if I lay flat on my stomach and peer through the banister and a specific rib crushing angle, I can see who's on my porch without actually having to approach the door. It was two super creepy looking guys.

As if I was going to answer the door!

Willow was going crazy, snarling and barking in a way he doesn't do very often. I thought I'd drop dead. There was no way I could go to sleep at that point! They kept standing in front of the house, looking at it and talking. I tweeted and facebooked what was going on and a sweet friend of ours said if needed him to, he would come by with their dog and check things out. I considered calling the police to see if they had a car in the area that could just drive past but I felt like that might be too much.

Ian saw my facebook status and called me from the retreat. It's amazing how scared I get when he isn't here.

Anyway. I was on high alert and wide awake until 3:45 am! Finally I went to bed just in time to get woken for Matthew's 4:30 am feeding. GAH! Needless to say, I've been tired today. I took the children out for dinner as I always do when the boys are away. Julie loves being able to talk about girly things. We have a very close relationship, much like my mother and I have. It's very special.

So, here I am in bed...trying not to be creeped out. I've left a couple of lights on (sorry Ian!) and trust that our fierce protector Willow will keep us safe.

Tomorrow the boys come home!

Ok. Enough rambling. The last little one finally closed her eyes so it's time for me to sleep as well.

:-O <--- see what I did there? That's a yawn face!



  1. Oh, THAT'S not a yawn face. Uh uh, no ma'am. That there is what we call "Ben Gay", remember? How soon you forget...

  2. Gender role expectations? What in the world! I'd heard of parents doing this, but I thought they were only on Jerry Springer! Wow. Why in the world would a parent try to confuse their kid even more by dressing him/her in what is clearly the opposite gender's clothing? Unisex is one thing...but a boy in a skirt?!? Oh my!

  3. Uh that was kind of creepy! Did you ever find out who it was on your porch? That's the best thing about owning a big dog, people usually catch on there's a dog around and decide it's not in their best interests to get bit.

    Yeah, I'm afraid that gender role thing is getting a little bit scary. I don't think I would have stood around and listened to her whole little speech though. Unless of course she started stalking me. Then I'd probably said something like sorry my mistake but please leave me alone. Thankfully I haven't seen any around here, but I wouldn't be surprised.