Wednesday, February 27, 2008

6 going on 16

Someone please tell my 6 year old that she isn't a teenager! Because today she is freaking out like one.

Ian picked the kids up after school and took them to get haircuts. Julie has been wanting to grow her bangs out so that eventually she can have it all cut one length. She and Ian decided today that she would have her bangs trimmed as well as a few inches off the bottom. She looks great and her hair looks so much healthier. She was happy with it for about an hour.

About ten minutes ago she decided her haircut is horrible, not what she wants and she can't possibly go to school tomorrow because she will be embarassed. She wants to wear a hat!

Is this normal for 6 year olds??? I can't believe how upset she is because her bangs are a fraction of an inch shorter than she thought they would end up being!! She is in tears on Ian's lap about this and nothing he is saying is helping. I'm at a loss as well. She's having serious regrets about getting it cut now and is in a pretty foul mood. Poor thing.

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