Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lots going on...

Today I took the car in to have the brakes repaired because they were grinding like crazy. I took it to Goodyear where they do all our repairs and my Mom's as well. Really nice, honest and helpful guys. Nothing like some of the scammer mechanics you hear about.

Turns out that they have a scoring system in terms of the brakes. My rear brakes scored 4/32. YIKES! My front brakes scored 0/32!! DOUBLE YIKES! He said his tech didn't even want to drive it into the service bay never mind a test drive and said it was a miracle I even made it there. He said there was almost nothing left of them and they could have given at any moment. I have to thank God here for His provision of safety, especially since Ian was out and about driving for his shows this weekend.

So I got the "must be done" stuff done today and I was given a list of what needed to be done in the next few months. Daunting but ultimately necessary.

I spent a half an hour on the phone with the government to confirm what I learned yesterday - I don't have enough hours banked to take the 1 year mat leave. I am 200 hours short. So, back to work I go when my claim ends on July 19th. If when I go back to the workforce I can do 200 hours, then I can then claim for the remaining time left for parental leave up until Jordan's first birthday.

I was really disappointed yesterday and spent a large part of the day crying at my pity party of one. But I have said all along that if for some reason I had to return to work early I would do it with a glad heart. I knew that by having another baby there would be sacrifices and this is one of many. I only had a 4 month mat leave with Sam, I can survive a 4 month one with Jordan. Not an ideal situation, but I am choosing to look at the bright side. Once I go back to work then some of our financial stress will alleviated. There is good and bad in everything, and everything has purpose. Yes there will be the chore of finding afterschool care for S & J and day care for Jordan, but God will open a door for us... I know He will.

I have my hospital tour booked for Monday. I'm kind of looking forward to that, then my next prenatal appointment is on Tuesday.

Tuesday the mission team from our church will be returning from Guatemala. Can't wait to hear about their experience!

Aside from Julie not getting a sandwich in her lunch today (sigh) I got a call from her teacher - turns out she punched someone in her class who then in turn bit her. She said she hit him by accident and I believe her. The bite wasn't bad... no mark left at all.

Tonight is the Lunar Eclipse. I doubt I will be awake for it.

Tomorrow my friend is in town from Japan and is coming for coffee. I'm looking forward to seeing her. I hope she doesn't mind my less than pristine house...

35 days to go.

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  1. Let God lift you up. He will help you manage everything!