Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I am really, really getting tired of this forgetfulness I've got going on. It's just not working for me anymore.

Last week I gave Sam fruit juice and Julie apple juice in their lunches. It should have been the other way around because one doesn't like fruit juice and the other hates apple juice.

Sam likes 2 snacks in his lunch and Jules likes 3. Yesterday Sam got 3 snacks and Julie got 2.

Today I got a call from the school saying Jules didn't have a lunch. Oh yes she did because I packed it and put it in her backpack myself. Turns out I put in everything ~ the right juice and number of snacks ~ but failed to put in a sandwich. Sigh.

Thank goodness my mom's house is just down the street from the school and she ran a sandwich down to her ASAP.

So very shortly there will be a lovely sign on my cupboard door reminding me of the correct juice flavours and snack quantities for each child as well as a big reminder to actually pack the sandwich part.

35 days to go.

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