Monday, February 18, 2008

Life’s Little Pleasures

I stole this idea from Jen because I thought it was cute.

Here is a list of my Life's Little Pleasures.....

1) A large steeped tea with double milk from Tim Horton's
2) One of Ian's bubble baths complete with candles, bubbles, classical music and a fresh towel
3) Cuddling with my children
4) An email from an old friend
5) An empty kitchen sink
6) When my toenails are painted
7) My nightly ice cream before bedtime (oh how I will miss you when this pregnancy is over)
8) Dropping my kids off at school and picking them up and hearing all about their days.
9) Fresh sheets on my bed
10) A dry newspaper - especially on Fridays for the flyers
11) Watching Lost on Thursday nights
12) Naps in the afternoon

1 comment:

  1. Your list is much nicer than mine!

    Copy-Cat! ;)