Sunday, February 17, 2008

Getting Tired

Yesterday was the hardest day of my pregnancy so far. Everything hurt and I reached a new record for slowness. I feel as though she is very low, but I still have shortness of breath so she can't have dropped yet. Lots of kicking and squirming still.

Only 38 more days. I am physically exhausted as well as constantly sleepy. My hormones are completely out of control.

I see my doctor on the 26th for my next appointment.

I still don't have the crib up yet. When should I pack my bag? I suppose I should talk with some friends to see if any of them can take the kids should I go early and my aunt hasn't arrived yet. Which means they'll each need a bag with pjs and a change of clothes should they have to stay at someone else's home.

I'll worry about all that later. I need a nap.

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