Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Another Snow Day!

That's right... another snow day! I can't remember ever having this many school closures from when I was a kid. We went no matter what the weather was. An "early release day"? Never had that either!

It seems like the kids are missing a lot of school lately. Jan 30th was a PA day, then Feb 1 was a snow day, yesterday was early release and today was a snow day. As it is they will only have 13 days of school in March between PA days, the March Break and Easter holidays. All I know is when I was in school we were there alllll the time.

Today we took it very easy and hung out in our pjs. The kids craft today was clay figures. Sam made a character from his video game and Julie made a hamster. Very cute. Once they harden we'll paint them which should be tomorrow.

My house is a disaster. A complete disaster. I really should do something about it.

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