Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Whiny Wednesday

I cannot believe all the things I am finding while I'm packing up cupboards and closets.

An unopened bottle of red wine from my wedding 12 years ago.

Wedding gifts never out of their original packaging.

My favorite apple pie recipe that I was sure was gone forever.

About 20 boxes of jello. Who owns that much jello? And why??

I even have a food processor. Who knew?

I know this is a work in process and we're only a 1/3 of the way in, but I am frustrated. I'm not going to lie ... I'm not having a good time. We are such packrats!! Everything is saved "in case" we need it. "Someday" we might use it. Ugh.

In the midst of all this chaos my housework has slipped. I just feel as though we are living in a pig pen right now and it's overwhelming. I know it's a temporary situation but still... I am not having a good time. I guess I just need to whine about it to get it out of my system.

On our way back from the storage place we drove around to look at a few houses from the outside that were for sale, just to see what neighbourhoods they were in, things like that. Some were really nice. One I really liked but it's pretty far from the three places we want to stay close to: My mom, our church and the children's school. It's fun to look.

Ok... I think I'm feeling better.


  1. Looking is the fun part. Packing is the crappy part!

  2. Looking is the fun part. Packing is the crappy part!