Friday, May 09, 2008


Oh how I love Ikea!

Mom and I dropped the children off at school then headed over to Ikea to look around. Honestly.. that place has so much to see you almost need to spend a day there.

We found tons of things we liked then had lunch there. We had a bowl of pasta and a slice of garlic bread for $2.49! What a deal.

I wasn't looking for anything in particular but saw things I would like. Little juice glasses perfect for little hands...a gorgeous vase for $1.99...bunk beds that Julie would just love... on and on. I showed excellent reserve and didn't buy anything. Sigh.

Two elderly ladies were fussing over Jordan while we were having for lunch. They both knew boys named Jordan and didn't I know Jordan was a boy's name? They were surprised that she was only 6 weeks old and "mothers today just don't wait very long to take their babies out!"

We were pooped by the time we left. Mom bought some coloured plates and cups for the children to use when they are at her house.

I can't wait to go back!

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