Saturday, May 31, 2008

Still FLYing..!

On May 1st I wrote a post called "We're FLYing!" and I thought I'd give a little update on that since it's now the last day of the month.

I challenged my family to make our beds every day for the month of May and I am so proud to report that we have all completed this challenge! Every single day our beds have been made and no one complained even once! The children are feeling so proud of themselves for doing this and I have loved climbing into a neat bed every night.

The first thing The FLYLady challenges a new beginner to do is to keep a shiny sink. It sets the mood for the day, she says. Well she's right!

Here is my shiny sink!

It's amazing how good it feels to know that my sink is clean and empty and that everything is put away in its place. The rest of my house may be in CHAOS but at least I can find refuge in front of my sink!

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