Friday, May 23, 2008

Yay It's Friday!

I love Fridays. Tonight's feature is Return to Oz and we're eating McD's. Good times.

Mom and I headed over to Ikea after taking the children to school this morning. After enjoying our $1.00 breakfast we took our time leisurely strolling through the various departments. I love this store and always find things I would love to buy. Although I showed great reserve at my last visit two weeks ago, I did buy a couple of things. Two packages of coloured napkins - tangerine and lime - and a lovely burgundy coloured throw for a chair in my livingroom. I needed something to drape over one of the arms because our cat had ripped the fabric with his claws and then it just got worse from there.

I love days like this when I can spend time with my mom. I know, I know... I see her just about every single day! Still.. it's nice to go out somewhere together. As usual we talked about everything and had lots of laughs.

Tomorrow will be a busy day. Ian's parents are coming to visit to help us with the house. Ian and his dad are going to work on the exterior and will paint the garage, porch pillars and front door (YAY! My front door looks so awful). His mom is going to re-wallpaper my main level bathroom because there are bits and pieces that have been ripped off by someone. ("someone" in this instance would be Sam and/or Julie!) I could probably patch up those spots but it would look really lame. I will continue packing and cleaning and watching my little ones. We're really hoping to knock off a lot of jobs tomorrow. Sunday... more packing, etc. I can't wait until we've removed as much as we can so that I can start painting inside.

In other news... apparently my sister is now moving back home. My nephew called her a couple of days ago and asked her to move back. Long story short, she has put in her notice to her landlord. She told my mother that she made her feel guilty and is now transferring that guilt onto my nephew. Unbelievable.

As I've mentioned before, my sister and I do not have any sort of relationship whatsoever. We never really have which is really sad. Due to some devastating events within our family we "officially" stopped talking a year and a half ago. However she has had many battles with Ian and said some terribly hurtful things to him, about him, about us and about our children. We have not permitted her to see our children because we couldn't trust her to keep her anger towards us in check when she was with them. And she wasn't told about my pregnancy until my 8th month. Needless to say, she has not seen Jordan yet either. This makes my heart hurt so much.

Where am I going with this... well, I'm feeling this pull to bring Jordan to my mother's the next time my sister is there. I was thinking of letting her visit with the baby for a short period while I wait on the porch. I don't want her to think that I am extending an olive branch because I'm not. I just want her to see my baby.
What's the point of that? I know, I know...I have often asked myself this question. The answer is that I don't know. I guess I will always want her to be proud of me yet I suspect that she isn't capable of that. Ian and my mom say she is jealous of me. I don't want her to be. I just want her to love me and to be happy for me and I want to be able to share my children with her. She isn't here until the 30th so I have lots of time to pray about it. We'll see what happens.


  1. All you can do is pray for your sister. If the visit does happen, go with your gut feeling. If it's to wait in another room, then so be it. It's such a difficult decision.


    I'm glad you had a great day!

  2. Oh and I love the new template!