Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It's Happening...

Well, we're really doing it. We're really going to sell our house. There is so much to be done it's almost overwhelming. Things are pretty chaotic around here.

We've started packing up a lot of our belongings to reduce the amount of "stuff" in the house so that it will show better. We rented a storage unit this morning and have already taken a load over. I think Ian is heading over again this evening. My good china and crystal is being moved to my mom's basement this afternoon.

I can't believe it. I've wanted to move for so long but the timing never seemed right and there was always something stopping us. With Jordan's arrival we are completely out of space. Besides that, it's time to go now. Things are falling into place and it's time. It feels so strange. I am excited for a new home, a new beginning. But at the same time I am so sad. This was our first home. We drove by every single day while it was being built. Our children were born here. There are wonderful memories in this house. But... we will make more wonderful memories in our new home.

The children are very on board with this which helps a lot. At first Julie couldn't talk about it without crying, but now she is very excited. They wanted to be able to stay close to their Gram (my mom), and attend the same school and church. All of these things are important to Ian and me as well. I am sure there will be tears all around on moving day. Still... that is a way's off.

My friend lives on my street and she listed her home a week ago and it sold yesterday. This is very encouraging to us.

Well... back to it!

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  1. I am so excited for you!!!!!

    When does the sign go on the lawn?