Thursday, May 22, 2008

Season Finales

It's that time of year... season finale time!

Dancing With The Stars ~ definitely a great show! I love that it isn't like the other reality shows that are manipulative or mean (ie; Big Brother, Amazing Race). It's entertaining and clean. I like that. I'm not particularly happy that Kristi Yamaguchi won. I think she went into the competition with an edge over everyone else from her skating days. But I did love her partner Mark Ballas so I guess it was ok.

American Idol ~ Way to go David Cook! You just knew he'd win it from the moment he opened his mouth. The way he could take a song and make it his own was so entertaining.

Desperate Housewives ~ What the heck is with the 5 year flash forward?!? Gabby with kids? I thought she couldn't have them after her miscarriage! And little pudgy kids to boot! LOL. I love that the wives have accepted Katherine into their fold. What a great storyline that was. I knew Dylan wasn't her birth daughter! I CALLED IT! What is Bree doing back with Orson? And of course, the question everyone will be asking until the show returns... what happened to Mike???

Tonight is the season finale of Grey's Anatomy. Sigh. I like this show. I hope that Derek and Meredith just get back together already. Honestly. Enough of that for the love of pete. And we need a new George storyline for next season! I wonder what is going on with Ava that she thinks she is pregnant...Is Dr. Hahn gay? Will Dr. Bailey reconcile with her husband? What about the cheif and his wife? I hope this finale answers my pressing questions!

And next week is the season finale of LOST. I LOVE this show. I hate that it won't be on for another 8 months. Ahh well. At least we know 6 of them get off the island. But I bet it will be a huge cliffhanger.

Thank goodness Dr. Phil and I have our daily appointment at 3pm. I don't know what I would do if he had a season finale.

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