Sunday, May 25, 2008

Girl Time

I'm feeling so much better today. I really needed to go to church this morning to worship the Lord with my church family. I need to get back on track and eliminate some of this background noise in my head. The sermon today was on love and I really enjoyed it. The songs we sang were some of my favourites and often humble me and I cry. Joyful tears. Grateful tears.

After church Julie and I had some girl time together. We originally thought we would go and get our nails done but then thought Downey's Farm might be a nice change since it was such a gorgeous day. We've been there many times and for many years bought our pumpkins there. They have a little petting zoo area that Julie wanted to see and I like the little store they have.

I was very surprised when they told me it would be $5 each to go in to see the animals (goats, sheep and 3 cows!). Downey's Farm is a nice place to take the kids, but it's a shame that they have started trying to make a buck off every single thing they have there. I went ahead and paid the fee anyway because it was our time together and if she wanted to pet dirty animals, then dirty animals she would pet!

We laughed so hard when we got into the goat pen. Those animals know when you have something in your hand and they assume its food! One of them tried to eat my cell phone! I got some of the feed out of the machine and tried to give it to Julie but she said she didn't want to give it to them and told me to feed them. Right as I was trying to explain to her that I didn't want some dirty goat licking my hand and leaving its cooties on me, one of them stood up and put their poop covered feet on my shirt! I screamed in surprise and yelled "here!" at them and threw all the feed on the ground and ran off, dragging Julie behind me. We collapsed against the fence laughing until tears ran down our faces. Jules had the best time re-enacting my dramatic exit. I love when I make her laugh ~ she laughs with her whole body. She has the best laugh.

There wasn't a heck of a lot there for her age group. A teeny mini golf area that would fit in my living room and some toddler areas to play. She did find a little track where children could ride tricycles around and she had a ball doing that. It was a great day to be together.

It's amazing how a couple of hours alone together restores our relationship to that special mother/daughter bond. I got the opportunity to spend quality alone time focussing on my daughter and she got to be #1 with Mom and didn't have to compete with her siblings for attention.

My favourite part of our entire time together was when we were strolling across the grass and I felt her tiny hand slip into mine. That has to be one of my most favourite feelings in the entire world and I close my eyes and thank God for my children every time I get to feel it. Soon enough the day will come when they won't want to hold my hand any more so I'm savouring it now.

We left there and went to McD's for ice cream. Julie thinks they make the best ice cream EVER! That makes me laugh... she is so sweet.

When we got home, Ian headed out with Sam to see the new Indiana Jones movie. I couldn't believe the size of the popcorn bucket Ian bought for Sam and he actually ate almost all of it!! And still had dinner when he got home! His appetite is certainly growing... On Friday night he ate TWO Happy Meals. Ian and I just looked at each other and asked what would it be like when he was a teenager.

I have been feeling exceptionally tired today even though Ian did Jordan's middle of the night feeding last night so I could sleep through. I felt so tired I actually started to drift off in church a couple of times which is very unlike me. I'm actually heading up to bed now... at the same time as my children! LOL.

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  1. Awww! What an amazing day you had! Hold on to her as long as you can!