Saturday, May 03, 2008

Busy Weekend!

Lots going on this weekend. Today Sam and Julie are going to a birthday party and then I am going to a baby shower.

The mother-to-be this shower is for is 16 and while I don't know her personally, I do know her mother so I am going for her. This family has really touched my heart. My friend *K* has survived two rounds of cancer - thyroid cancer ten years ago and then breast cancer two years ago. She is a true survivor. They have two biological children, two adopted children and two foster children. And in a few short weeks she will have her first grandchild. Her daughter *G* has turned away from God since *K*'s second round of cancer and even now cannot bring herself to turn back. How I wish I could tell her that His love for her remains the same and that He stands ready to meet her wherever she is, all she has to do is ask. I cannot imagine what I would think if my 16 year old daughter came home and told me she was pregnant. Not the plans I would have had for her, for certain. But, there is purpose in everything and I can't wait to see what God does with this.

Tonight Ian and I are going to a going away party for friends of our who are leaving in a couple of weeks to serve The Lord in the DR of Congo, Africa for two years. It will be an emotional night for sure. I am so inspired at how they are following His will for their lives. They have pushed aside their doubts, fears, worries and insecurities to listen to Him. Wow. They sold their home, cars and possessions. They will say their goodbyes over the next couple of weeks and then they will be gone. I can't believe it. I will feel their absence deeply, but just as He will care for them while they are away, He will soothe their loss in my heart. Tonight's party is for family and close friends only but the church will hold a commissioning service and send off for them on the 21st. That will be a powerful night of worship and prayer. And no doubt, lots and lots of love, kisses and tears.

I talked to my mom and she is coming to Jordan's dedication tomorrow. This is a huge deal. I think she still continues to struggle with my choice to leave the Catholic church and I that the idea that her grandchild will not be baptized in that faith is hard for her to accept. Still, she is coming. She is coming! She is setting aside her feelings to celebrate this time in Jordan's life. I cannot express what that means to me.

Yesterday I bought Jordan a new dress for her dedication. Sam and Julie both wore a beautiful, long Christening gown for their special days. Easy peasy, as my dear Julie would say. But what does one wear to a dedication?? I have seen many children wearing everyday clothing. I wanted something special for Jordan and I wanted something white. I found a lovely white dress with light pink flowers embroidered on it, a very gentle pattern. The dress is sleeveless so I also bought her a little white sweater for the top. She will look beautiful.


  1. Jordan's dress sounds beautiful! I'm so happy your mom has decided to come. I know it's hard for her to understand you decisions, but it's wonderful that she is still choosing to support you regardless of the different beliefs.

    Do you think Sam and Julie will eventually be "re"baptized? Since they don't really remember being baptized as infants? Just curious, because that is certainly a special time too! Knowing that your child has actually made that decision and decided on their own that this is what they believe and this is what they want to do. One of the most beautiful things ever!

    Sounds like you will be having a very busy weekend! Enjoy!

  2. That is wonderful that your mom is coming. I was hoping she would.

    Jordan's dress sounds beautiful! Make sure Ian takes lots of pictures! :)

  3. Anonymous10:20 a.m.

    Good luck today! I'm sure everything will be perfect!