Thursday, July 10, 2008

B & B

As in Barf & Blood.

Once a woman crosses that beautiful threshold into motherhood, there are certain things she learns and she learns them quickly.

One of them is that jiggling a recently fed baby is a bad idea.

Apparently the 7 year gap between my daughters has stolen some of this common sense.

I had changed and fed Jordan and had her sitting on my lap facing me. She looked so happy and smiley, like she was ready to play. So I lifted her up like an airplane and gave her squishy hugs. We clapped hands while singing Old MacDonald Had A Farm. We were really getting into the whole bouncing-on-mom's-knee thing until my rendition of The Addams Family. The smile was suddenly replaced with wide eyes and then out spewed the barf, Linda Blair style. I wasn't too worried that she barfed on herself - she can be washed. But did it have to land on my last clean pair of pants? Yikes. We are both cleaned up and all is well.

That bit of common sense has made its return to the forefront of my mind. Must not jiggle baby filled with food.

Later this afternoon Julie came inside complaining of a teeny tiny injury that was hurting her. The weird part is that the injury happened three days ago.

Talk about a delayed reaction.

She tried Ian on for size at first, saying she wanted a band-aid because it hurt soooo much and that was the only thing that would fix it. He said that a band-aid wasn't necessary. I got what he was trying to do - he was trying to toughen her up.

Lots of drama and whining ensued. And then the headache started...

Me.. I'm all about a quick fix. I gave her the band-aid just so the whining would stop and she'd go back outside.

About twenty minutes later in comes Sam saying "its ok Jules.. I've got you....we're home....MOOOOOOOM!!!!" with Julie following him BAWLING. She'd fallen over a rock and scraped her knee and elbow.

Man... a lot of blood can come out of an elbow let me tell you.

I got her up on the bathroom counter and proceeded to wash off all the dirt and blood while Sam gently brushed away her tears, all to the tune of "Why do these things keep happening to me? Why can't they happen to some other kid...? Why meeeeee?"

I wonder where she gets this dramatic streak from. Any guesses...??

Once she was all cleaned and patched up she headed back outside. Whew... crisis averted.

And I was just thinking about what an uneventful afternoon I was enjoying.


  1. Mmmm...projectile baby vomit! Thanks for the reminder!

    Poor Julie! I hope she's all better now!

  2. Oh was an eventful one! Hopefully the bandages aren't needed by now - and you have more clean pants!

  3. Oh was an eventful one! Hopefully the bandages aren't needed by now - and you have more clean pants!