Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Ramblings

Big news! We renewed our Costco cards this afternoon. We didn't have a lot of time to look around but I was able to familiarize myself with the layout. I saw lots of things that caught my eye but I don't have an army to feed so I held back.

Ian on the other hand.... Oh how this guy makes me laugh. Someone or something somewhere has put some sort of curse on him. If there is something on tv he likes, before long it will be cancelled. If there is a food he likes, eventually it will be discontinued.

For example, he loves a particular brand of rib sauce and a mocha flavoured syrup that he adds to his milk every morning. Eventually both were discontinued here in Canada. So we started stocking up on them whenever we were in the States, or had visitors from the States bring some with them. This all worked well until they were discontinued in the States as well. Now he has resorted to buying them on Ebay.

He likes a particular kind of licorice called Livewires that he can't find anywhere here, so again, he turned to Ebay and found a supplier there. WELL! He discovered that Costco sells Livewires and bought two cases of them. Now he's a happy guy.

I have been obsessing about my hair of late. It's starting to fall out and I don't know what's going on. I know it's supposed to fall out after pregnancy but its never happened before. My hair just keeps getting thicker and thicker with each pregnancy.

Ladies, I know... quit complaining. But that isn't my complaint. My complaint is that its now falling out. A LOT at a time. I discovered that I am actually getting a bald spot.

While we were driving along I mentioned this to Ian for the millionth time since my discovery and said I will have to stop wearing my hair off my face in a clip so I can hide it. He said that would be good because he's never really liked my hair up like that, and I look much prettier with it down, like God intended. I said right, I don't think God intended for me to be blonde but I went ahead and coloured my hair anyway. And HE said, oh I think that when God formed your personality he envisioned you as a blonde.


Oh yes he did.

We went to my mom's for dinner and I talked so much I don't think Mom got a word in edgewise. I hadn't seen her in a week, after all! Dinner was wonderful and Sam enjoyed his third birthday cake. Honestly! His birthday isn't even until the 31st but he's had three celebrations already. 1) Last month with his school friends 2) Yesterday with my inlaws and 3) tonight at my Mom's.

Jules in the backyard blowing bubbles...

Sam reading one of his cards...

Loving on each other...

And here is Jordan rolling over...

That's it for now.


  1. You're a natural blonde in my heart! teehee!!!

    Yay for Costco! We should renew our cards too. Costco is awesome!

  2. Well! I cannot believe he went THERE!! ;)

    Jordan is just brilliant, isn't she? And I love seeing Jules and Sam hugging each other. So sweet!