Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fly By Post

Just a short post today...

Monday I walked around Chinguacousy park with Cindy. As usual, great conversation and lots of laughter. We met up with Jenn afterwards. I was home by 10. Love those girls.

Last night I visited with my dear friend Carrie. It felt like forever since we've had a chance to sit and talk like that. I headed over at 7 with the intention of leaving by 9. Nope.. I was there until 1am. Glory... I'm like the guest that doesn't know what time to go home. We talked and laughed and shared. It felt good being with her. I love her so much.

Today Ian came home early so I was able to have a nap. I woke up feeling kind of "blah" and haven't been able to shake it yet.

The girls' appointment with our family doctor was cancelled today because he wasn't feeling well, so that's been rescheduled until Friday.

Tomorrow, weather permitting, I'm meeting up with some friends and their kids. I'm really looking forward to that.

My friend Dawn has experienced yet another loss in her family. Her Nanny died early this morning in England. Her Pampy (grandfather and Nanny's husband) passed away just a short while ago. I am so grateful she was able to visit with them not too long ago. The losses this friend has suffered in the last five years is absolutely heartbreaking.

That's all I have time for today.

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