Thursday, July 10, 2008

Painting Complete!

I am very happy to report that my painting is complete!

Pino arrived yesterday and had the wallpaper in my entrance way, hallway and Sam's room stripped and the walls washed within 45 minutes of his arrival. He laughed when I told him it took my mother-in-law and me a whole day to peel the paper from my bathroom. He filled all the holes and patched up a few places on my ceiling and was gone by 11am.

I was startled by aggressive banging on my front door mid-afternoon. I very rarely answer the door when I am home alone because among my 435,608 fears, home invasion nears the top. I went to the door to see the Canada Post guy there with a box at his feet. "Are you Mrs. Kate Bittenberry?"

Uhh..yes...but no...not really... I signed for the box as "Bittenberry" because I'm wild and crazy like that.

"What's in the box?" you ask, filled with excitement on my behalf...

It's from Nestle... inside was a backpack diaper bag, a can of Nestle Good Start formula, a sample of rice cereal and a bunch of coupons.

WHOOOOO HOOOOOO. I am all about free stuff.

I guess word got out that I'm an all around great gal. Either that or I put my name in somewhere but I'm pretty sure it's because I'm an all around great gal.

I can imagine how disappointed you are that I didn't post a picture of this most wonderful backpack. I'm just too lazy. Sorry.

Pino arrived again this morning at 8am and completed all the painting by 3pm. Not bad. He even painted all the baseboards too. Yay Pino. Suffice it to say that I am Pleased with Pino's Perfect Painting.

In the meantime I am stressing out every time the children go near the walls. Already Julie has gotten paint on her arm but of course she has no idea how it got there. (can't you picture me rolling my eyes?)

Lots of furniture to be moved back into place. Poor Ian.. he gets all the lousy jobs.

Tonight I am going out for a walk with my girlfriends around the park. I have been looking forward to this since our last get together last Thursday. We talk and laugh so much and it just renews my energy for the week. No Frosties tonight... it's all about exercise and losing my baby weight... from Jordan...Julie...and Sam... Heck, I think I'm carrying my OWN baby weight still.

Tomorrow, weather permitting, I will take the children to the beach. They've been so patient these past two weeks waiting for Pino to show up, so tomorrow will be all about having fun together.

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