Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hot Hot Hot

OH.MY.GOSH! It's hot. I like the temperature in my house to be cool (read: near freezing) and it feels like a sauna today. I can only imagine how hot it is outside.

Factor in my naturally extreme hotness factor and well... you get the idea. I'm definitely H-O-T.

Yesterday we checked out the Vaughan Mills Mall and spent most of the afternoon poking around there. What an odd mall. It has decor styles for each section and has a full bowling alley inside and a go-cart track outside.

I love The Children's Place and they had a better-than-usual sale going on in there so I ended up buying the girls a few things.

Ian found a shiatsu chair and did his thing. I bet that was his whole reason for agreeing to go there, because he knew about the chairs. I do have a pic of him relaxing in one but I'm too lazy to post it.

I KNOW! What the heck is up with me?? I'm tellin' ya.. I'm really hot here.

Today Jordan had her first taste of baby cereal. She did really well and we took lots of pictures and video. I bet she was sitting there wondering if we are going to make this big of a production every time she eats.

She is rather fussy today. I blame it on the heat in my sauna house. That's why I feel a little cranky.

This afternoon we're taking the children over to my mom's so my sister can visit with them. It's been over a year and a half since she's seen them. I'm a little nervous about it but she and I did well together when I brought Jordan over on her last visit. Sam is very excited. Just going to relax and give my stress and worries to God. He can handle them.

Our movie selection for Family night last night was Herbie. Jordan and I fell asleep about five minutes into it and I woke up around midnight. Talk about being disoriented. I was all like "where are the kids?" "why is it so dark outside?" etc.

My thoughts are scattered, but I had a few moments to write so this is what came out.

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