Monday, July 07, 2008

Weekend Recap

Friday night we had the first bbq of the season. It was so nice to sit in the backyard, smelling the bbq and watching the kids play. Ian is such a great bbq-er.

Saturday morning I took the children downtown to the Farmer's Market. We got a late start so it was pretty hot and crowded when we got there, and almost everything had been sold already. Next week we'll have to head out earlier.

Julie and Sam counted 18 dogs. Honestly. There are a couple of issues I have with dogs at a farmer's market. 1) They are around FOOD. I have seen these animals sniffing and licking stuff and it grosses me out. I know you're supposed to wash this stuff before eating it, but still, I wouldn't want a dog licking it. I don't know if there would be enough washing to eliminate that image from my mind. 2) on a hot day a dog's behaviour can be unpredictable. I would really appreciate my child not being bit because your dog is cranky from the heat. 3) it's crowded enough without adding dogs wandering about, tripping me with it's leash (and yes, this happened to me and the owner laughed. Hardly appropriate) and finally 4) I don't appreciate being licked or sniffed because the owner is too busy to watch what their animal is doing. Or they smile and watch as if it's perfectly normal for them to do that to a complete stranger. Why is it that owners think we all want to meet their dogs??

Next week the children want to count tattoos.

We did buy some awesome cookies though. Most people go for the fruits and kids wanted cookies, so cookies they got.

Oh yes... and this brings me to something that just made my mouth fall open. Of all the times to leave my camera at home, this was not the day to do it.

While we were walking back to the car, we had to pass an adult store. I won't say the name of it because frankly it hardly needs any publicity from me and my three readers.

Right outside of the store, while the farmer's market was still operating, was a woman wearing a black sequined bra, a teeny tiny mini-skirt with her thong showing over her hips, high, high stiletto heels and holding a stick with a black feather on it. Obviously the store in it's already high-profile location wasn't enough to draw customers, they had put someone dressed like a prostitute right out front for the world - and tons of children - to see.

I was in shock. I kept the children distracted so they wouldn't see her because I had no idea how I would have explained what she was doing. I was planning on calling the store to complain, then calling their head office to do the same, but I haven't. Why? Because what would be the point. The store itself is hardly classy, why should their advertising techniques be? Still... I feel as though I should do something.

Here is a picture of my children's new best friend...

Something tells me we're going to be getting a lot of visits...

Later in the evening I sat down to talk with my sister for the first time in a year and a half. I'm still feeling wiped out from it. I don't know where we're going to go from here. I just don't know. I did bring Jordan over for her to see. We talked about a lot of things.

Sunday was a lazy day. Ian took the children to the mall and I rested. I have been feeling very tired lately. I hope I'm not sick!

Well, our painter did not come at all last week, even though he promised the work would be done that week. Ian called him so many times and left something like 8 messages throughout the week with no reply. He finally reached him late on Saturday night - after blocking our phone number - and put his foot down in the most polite, yet firm manner. If he isn't here by Thursday then he's fired. It's frustrating not knowing when - or even IF - he's coming because I can't make any plans with the children, I have to be around the house. My friend Jen invited me to the beach tomorrow and I can't confirm because I don't know what's happening with this dude.

I think I will psych myself up to paint this weekend. I think I might be able to wrangle a couple of friends to help me if I throw in some pizza... ;-)

Today is all about putting my house back together. Talk about a mess!! I'm also going to try to pack two boxes each from the children's rooms. Lots to do today.

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  1. I'd come help you paint if I wasn't in such a delicate condition! :)

    You could make a complaint to the city regarding the scantily clad woman. I believe that the city is in charge of the farmer's market and her attire could be considered public indecency.

    Next Saturday I am planning to go to the market also. Can I come count tattoos with you?! ;)