Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Little Bit of This... Little Bit of That...

Well I certainly rested much better last night and I feel like a new woman. Ian and I played Jeopardy on the tv last night before bed and I won! That's a shocker because Ian is naturally gifted at just about everything so I lose all the time. C'est la vie! But I won so I get the bragging rights.

Today was a quiet day and I made a few phone calls and talked to my mom for a bit. I miss her.

I taped a movie-of-the-week the other day and I still haven't watched all of it. I can only see it in increments... very frustrating. Thank goodness we have PVR so I can skip through the commercials. I can watch a 60 minute Dr Phil show in 20 minutes. Yes I know.. I am spoiled.

Ian gave me another gift today... a lovely watch shaped like a heart and it has a photo on the face of all three of my children on Jordan's Dedication Day. I love it.

Once he got home we all headed to the mall so Ian could upgrade his phone to the iphone. In case you don't know what that is - like I didn't - here it is.

I think I'm the only person on the planet that didn't know (or care) what this phone was. Even when I saw it I wasn't impressed. THEN... Ian showed me what it's all about and I must say I am now very impressed. I am not into gadgets of any kind but this one is pretty amazing.

So.. I get to take over Ian's old phone. This is my old phone. It served me well and it did what I needed it to.

And this is my new phone. It's a Palm Treo 750..

I can get my email on it and go online to all my beloved sites and even use MSN Messenger. I have unlimited internet for the next three months. Very exciting.

It took awhile to get the iphone I must admit. When Ian called them to talk about upgrading they gave him a great price. This great price wasn't honoured by the people at the Rogers store so he had to call their customer care line and talk to someone who agreed to make it happen.

While we were waiting, the children and I saw a man walk in that had shown us a house a few weeks ago. The word 'shady' comes to mind when we see this guy. I don't know what his problem was but the next thing I heard - and I was sitting out in the mall - was Rogers Guy telling Shifty Guy to get out of the store. A few times!

A woman came out with two small children in a stroller because he was using foul language in there. Finally he left....only to come back... he did this a few times, yelling about how Rogers Guy wouldn't give him his name. I was worried he would recognize us and try to talk to us about that awful house again! Eventually the mall police came and removed him. The children and I were rather entertained.

While this was going on, I started talking to the woman with the two children in the stroller. They were 11 months and 6 months, and she was their foster mother. We had a great discussion about fostering in general and how she manages to let them go when it's time for them to move on. One child - his name is Ferrari..I kid you not - is the last of nine children and is considered non-adoptable because his parents used drugs.

This just about broke my heart and I could feel the tears burning. It's almost like women are having babies because they are the coolest accessory, but when they find out how much work they are, they get abandoned or neglected. And I will never understand why a woman would smoke or do recreation drugs while pregnant. There is never any excuse for that. Its like they don't care about what happens to their babies. So sad.

In other news... according to my counter I had 21 people read my blog today. Wow. Now I feel pressure to post intellectual stuff.


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  1. Congrats to both of you on your new toys!

    That is sad about the foster child. My heart broke when I read "considered non-adoptable". I never thought there was such a thing.