Friday, July 18, 2008

Bike Success

Yet another beautifully sunny day today. The children and I headed outside at 9:30am to work on their bike riding skills. They've made tons of friends in our neighbourhood and they all ride bikes, so it was time my two got in the game.

Sam was easy to teach. He fell a lot but got right back up each time and tried again. He'd go back and forth in front of the house then decided to try going around the block. We live in a small, enclosed community so I was ok with him going on his own. Every time he rode past me he'd tell me he only fell four times, then three times, then twice, then once.... you got it, then he did it perfectly. He's now like an old pro.

He told me over and over that this was the happiest day of his life and that he felt so free. LOL. Bless his heart. He kept kissing me and thanking me. I felt like a terrific mom. Truth be told, I think Ian did all the hard stuff prior to today. Kind of like when you have a jar with a lid that just won't open no matter how hard you try, then you bring it to someone else and they open it right away. Know what I mean? Ian did all the trying and all I did was pop the lid. Either way, it was a team effort. I just wish that Ian was able to see it happen live.

Sam was more than happy to show his dad what he learned today.

I am crazy proud of that kid.

After a break for lunch we headed back outside again so I could work with Julie. She put on jeans to protect her when she fell, as well as her knee and elbow pads. Just getting her on the thing was exhausting. She kept telling me she was scared, over and over again. Finally I got her to work with me. It was while I was running (yes, you read that right. Kate ran.) alongside her, holding on to her bike, that I had a deeper respect for all the work Ian did with Sam that I mentioned earlier. I am hoping that this weekend Ian will "pop the lid" and get to see her take off live. She is right there but doesn't have faith in herself. We're going to keep trying because I want her out there riding with her friends by the end of this weekend. I know she can do it.

Here she is with her scooter.

A friend of ours dropped off two bags of clothes for Jordan this afternoon. She has already passed on two bags of clothing that will keep Jordan looking great until her first birthday! I can't wait to see what she's passed along this time. I kept very little from when Julie was small because we were supposedly done. I have already started making a pile of clothes that Jordan has outgrown to pass on to a teen mother in our church for her little one.

My mom dropped by for a visit today which was really nice. It feels as though we've hardly spent any time together in the last couple of weeks.

My house smells like gas. Not the oh-man-the-house-is-about-to-blow-up kind of gas, gas as in what goes in a car. Ian hosed down the garage because he thinks a can might have overturned in there. I have a wicked headache and I'm afraid to go to sleep in case I don't wake up.

Hello...drama queen...

Ian is at the 12:01 showing of The Dark Knight right now. Crazy. He won't be in until 3am! I am already hearing noises and am creeped out. Yet another reason why I am afraid to go to sleep.. the killer will get me once I'm sleeping.

Yes I know... drama queen...already said that.

Not sure what's on deck for tomorrow. I want to take the children somewhere but I can't decide where to go.

I think I'm going to start playing the lottery even though it's not an honourable way to make money. I don't want a lot... just enough for a week's vacation somewhere, just Ian and me. We could really use some time alone.


  1. You are such the drama queen!!!

    WTG Sam! He looks great on his bike! Julie will get it lickety split!

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