Saturday, July 26, 2008

Good Times

Today we all headed up north to Ian's parents' house for a visit and dinner to celebrate Sam's upcoming 9th birthday.

We were driving through a small town and Ian saw this car and turned around so we could take a pic. We were in shock - who would drive something like this?

There were daisies all along the dashboard of the car as well. And take a look at the hub caps...yep...more daises.

Now, the daisy has long been my favourite flower but I would not drive around in a daisy-car.

After dinner the children and I went outside to hang out together. I am not a "player" I am more of an "observer". Children want parents to play, not to observe. I tend to lean more to being reserved than goofy. Back in the day it was the other way around. Ian said that I've been so beaten down by life that my fun side has gotten shoved down.

Today that changed.

I don't know what happened but I just threw myself into our time playing. I didn't care what anyone who might have seen us thought. I didn't care if I looked foolish. My children and I were laughing in the way that leads to sore muscles in your face and belly. We were creating memories.

Now, this might not seem to be a very big deal to someone reading this. You might be thinking "well, you have kids, so you play with them". Easy concept, right?


I don't live life fully. I know this. I hold back in fear of what others think of me, fear of looking foolish or fear of getting hurt.

Fear. I hate it.

Well today I just ignored it and enjoyed my children.

One of their favourite things to do is to roll down the hill behind my inlaws' house. They did this a couple of times until one of them shouted "Come on Mom! Try it!"

"Oh I don't know... I haven't rolled down a hill in over 20 years, guys." Yet I had butterflies. Isn't that crazy? I wanted to do it, but all those fears I mentioned were there.

"MOM!" Julie shouts, "You haven't ridden a bike in over 20 years, you haven't rolled down a hill in 20 years... what have you been DOING all this time??"

"Yeah! Stop being a Mom and just have fun!" was Sam's contribution.

So, I took his advice and here are the pics - courtesy of Julie - to prove it.

When I reached the bottom I seriously thought I was going to have another look at my dinner. I get dizzy very easily. The children still tease me about how I had to sit down for a bit after the Tea Cup ride at Disney. Yep.. it's a true story.

Good times.

Here are a few more shots of our time outside.

And I can't forget little Jordan...

Not even four months old and she's standing. She's absolutely BRILLIANT I tell you.

A good day...


  1. OH KATE!! I love it!!! You are an amazing mom! I don't think I would've done that in fear of hurting myself!!!

    You are awesome!!!

  2. Anonymous12:53 p.m.

    This is my favourite post of yours to date.... the clouds were gone and Kate had a chance to shine!

  3. That car...too funny!

    Rolling down the hill: GOOD for you!! It re-energizes you to just have fun! Yay! I like it when the girls and I go to the jump'n shack - parents play free. ;) I'm all over the giant inflatables!

    Love the pictures of you and the kids as well!

  4. OH KATE!! I love it!!! You are an amazing mom! I don't think I would've done that in fear of hurting myself!!!

    You are awesome!!!