Monday, July 07, 2008

Monday Musings

Today was not the productive day I had hoped it would be and this is pretty much why...

Yep.. she did that pretty much all morning. I never did figure out what was wrong with her. She had a long, solid nap this afternoon and now is back to herself. Since she was in such a good mood I thought I'd take a couple of pictures to show off her mohawk.

Believe it or not, this is her natural hairstyle that she was born with. I have smoothed it down only to have it pop right back up again. It's like her signature.

Sam loves to tell people he was the only one who was born with "normal" hair, Julie was born with a mullet (so true) and now Jordan has a mohawk. I don't know why my girls have/had freaky hair since their most excellent mother sports perfect hair all day, every day.

Trying to get the children out of the house some days is a real chore. They would be content to stay in their pjs all day alternating between watching tv and playing video games. When they do go out they have all these rules to follow... don't talk to strangers, stick together, don't play on the road, don't go into people's houses, don't don't don't.... and they have to hear them every single time they go outside. (I'm nervous, what can I say) If I give them 30 minutes they are back in exactly 30 minutes. It's amazing.

Today Sam was trying to get Julie to come home from the park with him and he told her to hurry because Orlando Bloom was going to be at the house waiting for her. Apparently she just went nuts and he said he'd never seen her run so fast. Yeah, so she was pretty disappointed when it was only me here. I have to laugh that she believed him.

Sam wanted some popcorn since he was "starving to death" and since I was busy with Jordan he said he'd make it. Honestly, he was so excited watching the bag expand and the kernels start popping. I don't know why he was so excited...popcorn makes many appearances in our home.

I was so amazed at his excitement and the camera was there you go.

He heard Julie coming and wasn't in the mood to share so he stuffed as much in his mouth as he possibly could...

Guess what???

The painter didn't come or call. Tick, tock. Tick, tock.... I really think I'm going to be painting this weekend.

Our realtor called tonight to tell us that he still doesn't know if the house across the street has sold yet. He's pretty frustrated!

Now we're expanding our search to a town 30 minutes north of here. It would be less populated and therefore much quieter, we'd be able to afford a larger home with more property and it would probably be much safer. Definitely lots of pluses. The one big negative for me would be moving away from my mom. I am SO close with my mom and can be there in under 5 minutes if she needs me. We'd have to find a new church (boo), and the children would have to switch schools. Sam got so upset when I mentioned moving to this particular town. He hates change even more than I do and that is really saying something.

God's in charge. Wherever He wants us, we'll go.

Sam is very into carting Jordan around lately. It's actually a huge help for me because sometimes my hands are full and I end up needing help.

And my herd all together...

My heart is so heavy after talking with my sister this weekend. It was so good to see her and we hugged for a long time without speaking. But at the same time I was filled with hurt and anger at the things she has said and done to us over the last year and a half. She apologized over and over but it didn't take the pain away. Its such a difficult situation. She's in counselling right now and it seems to be helping her. I'm glad for that.

That is all for today. I'm much too tired to be witty and charming tonight. ;-)

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  1. I will continue to pray for you and your sister.

    Jordan looks so cute with her Mohawk!