Friday, July 25, 2008

Field Trip Friday

Today was absolutely gorgeous so the kids and I headed out to relieve some of our pent up cabin fever. We headed to Port Credit to hang out by the lakeshore. Like many others, I feel so calm when I am near water. My thoughts have been constantly racing of late but just looking at the water helped me to slow down.

Isn't that soothing to look at?

Here are some pictures of some lucky you-know-whats that get to hang out on the water all day.

There was a lovely little park there as well and I saw this woman wearing the same backpack that I was so excited about receiving from Nestle a few weeks ago. I felt strangely bonded to her, but stopped short of making friends with her because hey... it's just a backpack and I'm not that lame.

Kids at the park...

Three kids are a lot to look after all at once. It doesn't always feel that way but it sure did today. Jordan was fussy while we were there so I was trying to feed her while watching Julie who wanted to hang out at the swings instead of the water, and keep track of Sam who was climbing on the rocks. Sam managed to fall in the water a couple of times so apparently I didn't watch him too well.

Today was weird... the kids were bickering with each other and being snippy and disobedient with me, and in turn I was short with them. I so wanted today to be all about fun, togetherness and relaxation but instead it had a lot of friction.

The children are SO into Pokemon. I think I speak for just about every parent out there when I say that Pokemon needs to just go away now. They tape it and watch it every day on tv, look at and trade their cards over and over again, talk about them all day long.... I lost count of how many times Sam talked about them today. Finally I had to tell him I had reached my Pokemon limit for the day. Then I felt bad.

We picked Ian up after work and went to have wings for dinner. The children were farting around so much we ended up taking our dinner home. I think that's the first time that's ever happened. Told you.. today was weird.

I loved this house when I saw it.

It looks so orderly and well cared for.

My friend Jen went for her ultrasound today to find out the gender of her little baby that is due in December. She's having a boy! Please note that I did say it was a boy in my post yesterday, so I get to say it... I TOLD YOU SO!

I guess that's all I have to report for today. I'm pretty beat.


  1. Yes Kate! you were right!!!

    Lovely pictures today! I love pics of water!

  2. What a pretty spot! I could sit and watch the water all day, it's that soothing.

    And that house is so looks like a dollhouse. Just win the lottery (or somehow have a fantastic amount of money) and knock on that door, and make them an outstanding offer - if they can be moved out within 6 hours. GO! :D

  3. Yes Kate! you were right!!!

    Lovely pictures today! I love pics of water!