Saturday, August 30, 2008

Garage Sale and Birthday Party Day

Today's garage sale was a great success. I was not fired this week because I was conspicuously absent.


Julie had her lemonade stand again and Sam had his Pokemon stand. I stayed inside with Jordan, my mom and my aunt, cutting vegetables for our family dinner tomorrow night.

Julie had a birthday party today so I styled her hair for her the way she likes.

Here she is, ready to go.

The address for the party was on a street that was just down the road from my mom's house, so Julie and I put Jordan in the stroller and headed off.

For some reason I assumed that the house would be at the end of the street closest to my mom's. I just felt my heart sink when we turned the corner and the house number started at 99.

We were looking for number 6!

We chatted as we walked along in the 4,465,555,324 degree weather. She was so excited to see her little girlfriends. Of course it was the LAST house at the END of the street. I had my usual nervous moment about leaving her in a strange place, with people I don't know, but of course she was fine and actually said..."I've arrived! Let the party begin!"

What a shame she's so shy. ;-)

So, as I mentioned it was about 4,465,555,324 degrees. Apparently this guy didn't know that.

I actually felt hotter just looking at him.

Here are my guys - cat too! - pooped on the couch. It was only 3:30!

After I brought Julie home from the party I headed out shopping with my girlfriend Cindy. I thought I'd have to go all week without getting together with her! After poking around a few stores we stopped for dinner. I always feel so good when I'm with her. She is so encouraging and funny and has great insights.

I just finished watching one of my most favourite comedians, Jim Gaffigan, on tv and am now heading up to bed. My face hurts from laughing.


  1. Julie looks adorable!!

  2. Julie is such a beauty! And I love the pic of Ian and Sam (and cat) on the couch - they are the picture of tired guys!

  3. Julie looks adorable!!