Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thoughts And Wonderings

Lots of things are on my mind these days so I thought I would share them with you. Of course, this will show you just how odd I am, but that's ok. Chances are you know that about me anyway.

So let's begin.

This morning Ian had quite the story for me. I still don't believe him. After a wonderfully hot bubble bath, lovingly prepared for me by my husband and a glass of wine, I headed to bed. A few hours later he came to bed and said I was humming a song in my sleep and did so for about a minute until he woke me up. I know I talk in my sleep because I've woken myself up doing it before. And Ian has held full conversations with me while I'm sleeping. Yikes.

I'm rather intrigued about 90210 starting this fall. I don't expect it to be a great show by any means. The original was HUGE and I was a devoted watcher and I will still watch it in reruns. I just want to see what they do with it. Apparently Tori Spelling won't be in it because the word on the 'net is that her salary per episode was considerably lower than Jenni Garth and (ew!) Shannen Doherty. I am of two schools of thought on this. One, her father created this show! How can they not have her in it?? But at the same time, she wasn't the strongest actress on the show... I don't know. I would sign a "Bring Back Donna Martin" petition if there was such a thing.

Ian and I are watching The Shining as I write this. I am fully aware that this is supposed to be a horror movie but I can't stop laughing. Every time that little boy says "redrum...REDRUM!" I start laughing. I also laughed a lot at the end of Seven. Talk about your bad acting.

Another thing that I've been wondering about is why women brag about the length of their labours, each one trying to top the next with how long they "suffered". Is it a badge of honour for them or something? I truly don't know. My labours were controlled inductions. Sam came in 7 hours, Julie came in 3 and Jordan came in 5. Sure there were periods of discomfort but praise the Lord there were epidurals.

I love it when people ask me if I had "natural" deliveries. It always makes me laugh. Natural, I am assuming, is drug-free. To that I laugh and say HELL NO. "Oh" they say, disapprovingly, because THEY did it naturally and are therefore better than me. Well, good for you. If you can stand that type pain then go right ahead. It just makes me shake my head. I can't imagine asking someone if they had a natural delivery. Who cares??

Moving on...

Shelley Duvall is an astonishingly bad actress. Yet, I continue to watch the movie. How could I possibly stop watching now that it's almost the end?

I was reading my celebrity news sites this morning as usual and was very pleased to read that Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling have gotten back together. Just sayin'.

I also wonder why it is that some people feel the need to correct other people's children right in front of the parents. Everyone parents differently and what might work in my home might not work in yours. If my child is truly offending you with his/her normal child-like behaviour then tell me so that I can address it myself.

What's up with The Hills? What is this show about anyway? And why are these people so famous? I tried watching an episode once and I just couldn't bear it. These people are everywhere. Reality TV is really getting desperate.

Ooh.. speaking of Reality TV... the new Bachelor has been announced! Jason whatever his name is, the dude that DeAnna rejected. What a nice guy. I will be watching to see how he makes out. Why? Because as lame as Reality TV is, I still watch some of it. Oh don't you snicker and shake your head at me... you know you watch some of it too.

There is this creepy cat that wanders around my neighbourhood. Apparently his name is Car Wreck. Yep. It used to visit at my friend's house because her husband fed it once and then continued to come every day afterwards. Well, now that they have moved away Car Wreck seems to think he's going to hang around my house. Oh no kitty cat..I think not. I kept trying to shoo him away tonight and he just stood there. I think he knows he could take me if it came down to it.

Aside from my startling hair loss, I am experiencing memory loss as well. I had to leave my phone number on a message today and I drew a complete blank. I don't often call myself, so theres my defense. Yes.. I am aware of how lame that sounds.

Sometimes when I can't fall asleep I plan what I would do if I ever won the lottery. I am always amazed when someone wins the lottery and when they are interviewed on tv they say they have absolutely no idea what they will do with their winnings. Honestly. I, on the other hand, will be perfectly prepared.

I have this thing about odd numbers. I don't like them. I can't buy my fruit and vegetables in odd numbers. I can buy 2 apples or 4 apples, but not 3. Even if I know that the 4th apple will die in my rotter - err.. I think normal people call this a crisper, but nothing I put in there ever comes out rots in there because out of sight, out of mind - I will still buy it. Bananas.. has to be a bunch in even numbers. I cannot buy a bunch with 5 in it and add 1 single banana to make six. Nope. Now what I have is two bunches of unevenly numbered bananas. I will remove one banana instead. I don't count strawberries or grapes because even I'm not that crazy.

I am afraid of the dark and therefore leave a light on all night. I worry about being lost in space. I have to touch the lock on my front door to convince myself that yes, I locked it. My mind races with weird thoughts like these all the time.

Well, that's it for today. Hopefully my next entry will be a little more....normal.

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  1. I have to brush my hair before I get in the shower.

    I have a fear of having bad breath and used to brush my teeth 40 times a day until I found out it was making my gums recede!!!