Friday, August 01, 2008

Jordan's 4 Month Appointment

Today was Jordan's 4 month appointment.

She now weighs 15 lbs and is 63.5 cm long. She's in the 77th percentile for height and 82nd percentile for weight. Basically what that means is that she is proportionate. He checked her out and pronounced her perfect.

(insert motherly pride here)

She had her second round of vaccinations today and I didn't have anyone there to help me so I could wimp out in the hallway like last time. (Or like all the times when Sam and Julie were vaccinated)

I had to hold her legs between my knees and wrap my arms around her, holding her arms against her body in a tight hug. I wasn't exactly ready when Dr L. did the first shot and before I knew it he had done the second one.

She cried so hard that I started to cry too. I felt so sad for her.

Turns out I'm feeding her a bit too much and he wants me to cut back a bit on the formula and give her cereal twice a day.

She slept for most of the afternoon and was in great spirits throughout the evening. I gave her a second dose of Tempra before she went to bed so we'll see how the night goes. She slept through last night and that was very appreciated!

Julie also had a checkup today to see what is going on with her nosebleeds. She's had them since she was about 8 months old and the ENT dr said she would likely outgrow them, but she hasn't. She's had a few really big ones in the last few weeks. Dr. L doesn't seem too concerned and gave me a prescription for her. She weighs 57 lbs. Glory. I never would have guessed that!

While the girls and I were at their appointments, Ian and Sam went bike riding along the ravine. Sam rode through a puddle and was covered in mud. I tried to take a picture of it but he said no, he didn't want it on my blog.

The boys watched Batman Begins for tonight's Family Night and the girls and I watched a Veggie Tales movie about Jonah in my bed. I love the story of Jonah and have blogged about my own time spent in the belly of a whale.

Julie told me today that one of her neighbourhood friends kissed her yesterday in front of everyone and she was very embarrassed. I asked her where he kissed her. She said at the park.

Not the answer I was looking for. I agreed that it must have been very embarrassing, and asked again where he kissed her. She said he did it by the slide.

This was like pulling teeth.

I then asked if he kissed her on her cheek and she said "Yes! Isn't that gross?!" Then she said "But it's ok because Sam got my back and told him if he ever kissed me again he was going to tell our mom and dad".

I hope he tells this to all the boys until she gets married!

I am praying for sunshine for tomorrow. We're planning to take the children to Ontario Place for the day.


  1. Poor Jordan...I dread shots for children. It's so hard for them! Hugs! I hope you were both able to sleep through the night last night.

    I am cracking up over Julie and the kiss location - what a hoot! :D

    'Drive into the river Bob, drive into the river...'!

  2. Awwww - - her first "non-relative" kiss? Too funny - be happy she didn't seem to enjoy it much and didn't turn around and chase after him to give him kisses back! LOL

    Hugs to Jordan - hope she's still feeling good today.