Sunday, August 31, 2008

End Of Summer

How is it that its the end of summer already?? Where did the last two months go? Boo.

We all made it to church today. I dressed the girls in matching outfits just because I can. After the sermon I spent some time catching up with some of my girlfriends that I haven't really spoken to over the summer. I touched base with a lovely woman who runs the Ladies Coffee Hour on Wednesday mornings to find out when that starts. They have childcare for the children so moms can just relax and fellowship with one another without worrying about their kids. I am thinking about trying that out again. Apparently they don't sing anymore so that's enough to get me going back. ;-)

After church we took Sam to get his haircut. He is never happy with me when he gets a haircut and today was no exception. He wants to grow his hair long like his cousins but I tell him if he wants to have hair like that then he'd better start wearing skirts.

Oh yes. I said that.

Ian headed off to Starbucks to work on his sermon for the youth retreat this weekend. I wish I could hear him. I bet he does a great job. While he was gone the kids played outside, Jordan napped and I watched a movie.

My aunt leaves tomorrow after visiting with my mom all summer. She'll stay until the children leave for school then will head home to Michigan. She'll be back for Christmas. YAY!

We all headed over to my mom's for a farewell dinner. My mom had originally wanted to have a bbq but with all the hoo-ha about Listerosis and the ever-growing recall list of tainted meat, she decided to have turkey instead.

BONUS! It was like Thanksgiving in the summer!

I asked Ian to take a pic of my aunt with all of her great-nieces and nephews so she could take it home with her. She has made such an impact in each of these kids lives. It's absolutely amazing. I also asked Ian to take a picture of my mom with her grandchildren because she hasn't had one in a few years. Here they all are (note the girls' matching outfits!)

Now that Jordan can roll from her back to her tummy, she does it ALL the time! But it's like she's forgotten that she can go from her tummy to her back, so she cries pitifully while on her tummy until someone flips her. She even rolls over in her sleep, then wakes herself up. She had Ian up quite a number of times last night.

Here she is in all her brilliance.

That's it for today.

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