Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Final Score

The final score for tears today was: Julie - 2, Mom - 2

It's a tie.

My inlaws arrived just before 2pm much to Sam's excitement. He'd been watching for them for hours! As soon as they arrived he picked up their stuff and headed for the door.

After a brief visit they headed off. Sam got in the car without saying goodbye! Jules was crying as she buckled herself in and I reminded her that it's ok to miss each other and that we'll have lots to talk about on Sunday when we pick them up.

I stood outside waving until they turned the corner then I headed back inside to have a bit of a cry myself.

I'm looking forward to a date with Ian tonight...


  1. HUGS

    I hope you have a wonderful night tonight!

  2. Aww! I hope you're enjoying your date tonight, and that you aren't too teary. Sunday will be here soon!