Monday, August 18, 2008

Blah Blah Ramble Ramble

Something I have been waiting for forever finally arrived today. MOTIVATION!! Yep. I actually FELT like cleaning up around the house which is pretty good timing because it needs it. Badly.

Jordan, however, had other plans. We had quite a bit of fun together today and she loved that she had all of my attention. We sat across from each other and laughed at each other for about 5 minutes. The harder she laughed the harder I laughed and so on. Precious. She was having so much fun that she would get so sad when I had to set her up with something to occupy her so I could get a few things done while Motivation was visiting. Whenever I'd look over at her she'd have these fat tears sliding down her cheeks.

The kids had been outside with their friends for awhile when they came in asking if they could put on their bathing suits so they could have a water fight with their friends. I said of course, and off they went. I checked out the window periodically and all was well.

Then Ian came home, and came into the kitchen carrying muddy towels and shoes. Apparently Sam wanted to refill his water gun and Julie took hold of the hose and sprayed everyone and everything in the backyard, making a lot of mud. I can't even bring myself to look outside and see what kind of mess there is.

They both blamed each other of course. Ahh well. Thank goodness everything washes.

Not much to report today. Things were pretty quiet. I'm hoping Motivation settles in for awhile... I have so much to do around here.