Friday, August 29, 2008

Busy Day

I woke up this morning at 9am feeling very rested and realized with no small amount of pride, that Jordan had slept through the night. 12 hours! I was praising her over and over while I was dressing her for the day and she just beamed up at me. When I called Ian to brag he sadly admitted that this was not the case...he had been up with her at her usual time of 4am so that I could sleep through.

Darn! I thought she'd turned a corner! Ahh well... thanks for the extra rest, Ian! I needed it and it was much appreciated! ;-)

Today Jordan turned 5 months old. I can't believe how these months have just flown by. This morning she rolled from her back to her tummy and looked rather pleased with herself. She's been working on that all week. Brilliant. This week she tried sweet potatoes and pear juice and loved both. She's also relented when it comes to napping in the playpen....usually she wants to sleep in my arms. It's such an incredible feeling to hold a sleeping infant. I just love how she feels in my arms, warm and cozy, right next to my heart.

The children and I picked Ian up at the office early today and we went out for lunch together to celebrate the end of summer vacation. They chose Burger King, which in case you didn't know, is fine dining in their eyes. ;-)

Since I was in the area I popped into my old office to visit some friends and to introduce them to Jordan. Not much has changed in my old department. I met the woman who replaced me and spent some time talking with the women I used to work with. I knew I missed them, I guess I just didn't realize how much. We fell into our old banter immediately. Everyone fawned over Jordan and said she looked just like a Gerber baby. Just about everyone was surprised to see me with a baby and I heard a lot of "you wore Ian down, huh?" to which I replied "yep...6 years of whining will do that to just about anyone".

I've blogged about this job before and how hard it was to make the decision to leave, the issues and scars I had from there and how long it took to fully let go of it after so many years of it being a part of my life, of who I was. Yet, after I left today I felt this sadness. As jerky as some (most?) of the people were (are?), I enjoyed my job and I did it well. I worked with a really good team, for the most part. I still keep in touch with a few people from the other branches across the country and hopefully always will. Still, being a full-time mom is the best job I've ever had and I wouldn't change it for anything.

After my visit we headed over to a new Wal-Mart to do some back to school shopping for the kids. They needed school supplies, shoes and a few items of clothing. Ian and Sam headed off and I took the girls with me. We had just selected her school supplies and were looking at shoes when the guys came back, arms full and a proud "we're done!".

WHAT?!? How is it that men can shop so fast? What's up with that?

Julie took great pains to select the "perfect" pencil case, a matching binder, the "perfect" pencils, "perfect" sharpener.... She was so cute. They had a whole wall of backpacks but they were really generic and I thought (more on this later) that she wanted a themed backpack, so we left that until later.

I thought I would DIE waiting for her to pick the "perfect" pair of shoes. And we had to do this twice! One pair for indoors, one pair for out. I was moaning and groaning inside my head when just when I thought we had the "perfect pair"....she'd put them back and start over.

UGH! And I thought *I* was picky when it came to things like this!

I helped her select a few pairs of jeans and some shirts to try on and at the end of it we bought her two pairs of jeans, a jean skirt, two tops and a hoodie. She was so funny in the dressing room. Every time she'd come out with something on, she'd strut back and forth like she was on the catwalk. Oh how I enjoy that child.

Sam is not as into clothes as Julie is, but he came home with a couple of shirts, a couple pairs of jeans and a hoodie as well.

We were about to leave when I remembered that Julie still hadn't gotten a backpack, so Ian said he would help her choose one. I said we'd likely have to go to another store to get her a themed one, all the while wondering if that would be considered uncool for a second grader to have one like that. She chose a light blue and black one, but not before telling Ian that she was afraid of hurting my feelings, because apparently "mom has her heart set on a character backpack for me".

LOL! Talk about your miscommunication.

After a mild heart attack at the register, we were off.

We're having another yard sale tomorrow so Ian hung up more posters on the way home. I needed to stop in at Purolator because I missed the delivery guy when he came to the house this morning, because being the woman of leisure that I am, I was still in my pjs when he arrived so I didn't answer the door. All day long I obsessed over the notice that I had an envelope to pick up. I couldn't imagine what it was and was worrying about it. I wasted my time because it was only Jordan's birth certificate.

Let me tell you, the government of Canada gets a gold star today. I applied online for Jordan's birth certificate on the 27th and it said it would take 15 business days for it to arrive, but it came today. I was impressed.

After a not-so-quick trip to the grocery store and another mild heart attack at the register, we headed home. I'm not sure who is more tired tonight, me or my beloved credit card.

Tomorrow afternoon Julie is going to a birthday party which means she wants to have her hair and nails done. I'm hoping to be able to hook up with a friend for a visit since we couldn't co-ordinate our schedules to meet this week.

I'm pooped!

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  1. You had better get yourselves on those anti-register heart attack pills! :)