Saturday, August 02, 2008

Family Fun

We woke up to beautiful sunshine, so we decided to head downtown to Ontario Place for the day. As usual, I will tell you about our day in pictures.

It took us longer than planned to get out the door so we grabbed breakfast to eat on the way. As you can see, nutrition is extremely important to me and I feed my children only the best.

Ooh! Almost there!

I never get tired of seeing the CN Tower.

Construction as usual. I swear that Ontario seasons aren't Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, it's Construction, Construction, Construction and Winter. Very annoying.

While planning this family trip I failed to check to see if anything else was going on downtown. It turned out that today was the big Caribana parade.

While we were stuck in traffic we saw many people who were getting ready for the parade so I took some pics.

I don't know of anything that could make me walk around like this. Not even a million dollars. And I would really like a million dollars.

I don't know what to say about this shot because I don't want to be mean. But a lot of ideas come to mind.

I think maybe she should have worn a pair of shorts over this. Maybe just until she got where she was going.

After a what felt like forever and a million are-we-there-yets we finally arrived at Ontario Place.

While we were walking across the huge parking lot it started spitting. I looked at the sky and still saw sunshine so I figured it would pass. Ian ran ahead to buy our tickets as it started raining harder. He found a spot underneath a tree for us just before the sky opened up. I can't remember a time when I have ever been out in a rainstorm like this. I closed up Jordan's stroller but was beginning to panic about her getting wet. We were soaked to the skin in minutes and it just kept raining harder and harder. I couldn't believe how hard it was raining. I looked over at Ian where he was in line and just shook my head. He came running over to tell me he would go and get the van.

The poor guy ran at top speed to the opposite end of the parking lot, through blinding rain with bronchitis. What a guy!

By this time the children were shivering and holding on to me. I took a quick peek at Jordan and she was still sleeping and perfectly dry. As soon as Ian pulled up we ran over. I couldn't even see it was raining so hard. We fired everything into the van and once we were in we gave the children towels to wrap themselves in.

Of course, once we were all buckled in, the rain stopped and the sun started peeking out again.


We decided to just head back to the 'burbs and dry off. The children were so disappointed but Ian had a back up plan. As soon as we got home I had a hot shower then made lunch. Then we headed out again.

First stop...Build A Bear.

When Sam was 9 months old I made him a little brown bear that I named Joe. Today Joe was re-stuffed and got a cool High School Musical sweatsuit and shades. Julie's bear Snowflake or Snowball (the name changes depending on the day) got a new HSM shirt, a Baby Bjorn carrier and new shades.

I love this store. I could sit and watch every single kid while they brought their new bear-friends to life by stuffing them and wishing on the little hearts that go inside them. Every person that works at that place is awesome with kids.

Next stop... Playdium.

Ian found a corner table so Jordan and I settled in while Ian took the children around to play some games. I read People Magazine and got caught up on all my famous friends. Why I enjoy reading about their lives so much I have no idea.

Eventually we all headed outside to see what they had going on out there and did we ever have fun!

First up, Ian and Sam went against each other in a water fight. They had to load up a water balloon, pull back on it and then fire it over to their opponent.

Then we headed over to the go karts. Not being a fan of go karts, I happily stayed with Jordan and watched.

Ian fitting Jules with a helmet...

Ian ready to go...

I love that he wears superhero shirts. He has a lot of them.

And they're off!

Apparently Julie kept yelling "Go faster, Dad! FASTER!"

Then she yelled "I'm screaming in happiness!!"

Then it was Sam's turn...

I think it was right after this next picture that Sam's helmet flew off his head.


They were flagged to come in and they brought him another helmet and off they went again.

What is up with this woman's hair? I blurred her face because I am all respectful like that. But the hair... what would make her think this was an attractive look???

That's all I'll say about her because I don't like talking poorly about people.

After the go karts we headed inside to bowl.

Ian won. I think his superhero shirt helped him.

OK, it had nothing to do with it. He is just naturally gifted in anything competitive.

Ian trying out the batting cages. I don't think I could have hit a single ball.

Sam and Julie going up against Dad in a water fight...

A terrific family day...


  1. LOVED all the pictures! LOL you are so funny.... now as far as those costumes...I think that I'd have to say...I most likely WOULD wear it for a million dollars... (what can I say - I could REALLY REALLY use a million dollars about now!) Mind you - I wouldn't wear it all the time, but for a festive occasion where others were looking just as....ummmm.....just as....festive? I would definately do it (for the million dollars). Short of that - NO WAY!

  2. I'm glad the day turned out well after all!