Monday, March 22, 2010

Book Review: A Distant Melody

Never pretty enough to please her gorgeous mother, Allie will do anything to gain her approval - even marry a man she doesn't love. While Allie has nearly resigned herself to that fate, Lt. Walter Novak - fearless in the cockpit but hopeless with women - takes his last furlough at home in California before being shipped overseas.

Walt and Allie meet and begin a correspondence that will change their lives. As letters fly between Walt's muddy bomber base in England and Allie's mansion in an orange grove, their friendship binds them together. But can they untangle the secrets, commitments, and expectations that keep them apart?

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

This story, set in 1942 during World War II, begins on a train headed to Antioch. Allie, who is en route to participate in her best friend's wedding, meets Walt who is on his last furlough and headed home to visit his family.

Turns out that Allie's best friend is well acquainted with Walt as they share the same group of friends. They spend the week together as a group before Allie and Walt each head their separate ways, but not before exchanging addresses and promises to write.

The story plays out over the course of a year, flipping back and forth between Allie's and Walt's perspectives. When the reader is "with" Allie, we see her growing into who she is meant to be, breaking away from her parent's expectations. When we are with Walt, we are given a realistic portrayal of the second world war through his flight missions.

I loved how strong Allie and Walt's faith is portrayed, and that Allie would follow God's will even though it went against what her parents wanted from her.

I loved how gently the author moved the characters from mere friendship into love. The obstacles between them up until they realize how they feel for one another are realistic and sweet and silly.

I loved it all.

I'm so excited that this isn't the last I'll hear of this author - she has two more books slated for release that will introduce us to Walt's two brothers. I enjoyed this book so much, I tweeted the author, Sarah Sundin, to tell her so.

And she tweeted me back!


If you like romance novels set in the WW2 era, then you will absolutely adore this one.

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  1. Thank you so much, Kate! What a lovely review!

  2. Thank you so much, Kate! What a lovely review!