Friday, March 05, 2010

Willow Goes To School

Remember when I posted about feeling so bad about missing Willow's half birthday last month?


His half-birthday is this month.

For the love of pete. Pay attention please, Kate.

I have time to bake him a bone-shaped birthday cake and pull out the party hats!

You know I will do it too. That is...if I remember. Ai yi yi.

So here he is at FIVE months old and 46.4 lbs:

He started obedience classes last Saturday and I was so excited to take pictures of him on the front porch, on his first day of school.

Yeah. That didn't happen.

But I did get these!

On our way...I was so excited.

I think he looked nervous. Do you think he looked nervous?

Here we are!

I don't think he was paying attention. Or maybe this is his Concentration Face.

Did you know that PetSmart will return anything? Well they will. They took back the leash we'd been using - and got mighty dirty - and exchanged it for one used for training.

We bought a bucket-o-treats for him. If he doesn't like them we can return them.

Our expandable leash that goes up to 40lbs? Yep, they'll exchange it for the next size up.

Apparently I even could have returned the dog bed that he enjoyed, before he ate the entire bottom out of it. Too bad I didn't know that, because I would have returned that half-eaten bed for a brand spankin' new one.

Can you please tell me what kind of dog would need a bone this size?

Goodness gracious. That's a big bone.

One week down, seven more to go!



  1. I am going to steal your puppy. SO CUTE! I love me some Willow!

    And my mom, btw, (you can read her blog in my blogroll - Mu's Nus) has a wolf-dog who eats bones that big. Then again, the dog literally out-weighs me by 5 lbs. So, my advice for you, my sweet Kate, is that if you see a bone that big laying in someone's yard, cross the street and walk on the other side ;-)

    Good luck with the classes - first days of school are always so exciting!

    OH! And when Jack would get bored and annoying (before I had twins to lug around also) I used to take him to PetSmart to watch the classes and hang out with the birds and hamsters. It was like going to a free, indoor zoo. A blast!

  2. Oh you stinker, you make me want to run out and get a dog!!! :-)

    Love the pic in the car! So cute!

  3. Willow is so cute. I think Goldens have the sweetest little puppy face ever.. even when they are older. I am sure willow will do great in school. Keep us updated

  4. Good luck with the training!

    As for the bone, our 75lb Rott'n Lab gets one of those for Christmas.

  5. He is a beautiful dog!

    We were just watching Marley and Me, hopefully he does better than Marley did at school :)