Saturday, June 21, 2008

Change of Plans

You know how you plan for one set of events and something totally different happens instead? Sometimes I just love when that happens.

My most excellent husband Ian got up with Jordan and let me sleep in this morning until 9am. I thought those good ole days would end with Jordan's arrival but that is not so. Yay Ian!

OK... so as I was saying...

This morning we packed up and headed off for the opening of the beach. They always have tons of cool stuff for the children and contests on Opening Day and Sam has been waiting all year for the ice cream eating contest in particular.

In years past Opening Day has been PACKED. This year there were only five families there and we were one of them! It was pretty chilly and after awhile we felt tiny rain drops, but still hung in there.

I think Julie was writing the name of her Boyfriend du Jour in the sand but she wouldn't admit it when I asked her. ;-)

Here she is showing off her new bathing suit.

Every year she asks for a bikini and I give in. Every single year. I can't help it, I think that a little girl in a bikini is so cute. I know that there are a lot of moms out there that feel a bikini on a little girl is asking for trouble because there are pervs everywhere. I agree to a certain point, but my theory is that I'd rather she wear one when she's little than when she has something to put in one, if you catch my drift.

This year Ian said he'd like her to wear a one piece this summer. I dreaded having to break The News to her. Turns out I didn't have to. I took the children to Old Navy and they only had one piece suits. She simply fell in love with this one. It could have cost me $100 and I wouldn't have cared.. it saved me a headache in the long run.

Sam went into the water right away. He is such a little fish.

He likes to run around squirting Julie with his water gun but she wasn't having any of that today.

Julie hurt herself on something that was set up for the children and scratched her butt pretty badly, so that was just the end of things for her. She took over my chair and sat drinking her iced tea, patiently waiting for us to leave.

As it turned out it wasn't too long after her major injury that it started to rain. Lightly at first, so I thought I'd take a pic of Sam coming down the waterslide.

It was not meant to be because the first time he went down I wasn't ready so he had to go back up again, and just as it was his turn the rain started pouring down. Ian packed up everything and just as we reached the van the sun came out.

We headed to the mall to poke around for a bit. Ian and Sam went to Best Buy and the girls and I went to look at earrings for me. I don't want a hugely expensive pair, just something simple but pretty. Julie found ones that were circles with little crosses in them. She told me I could wear them and "worship God with my ears".

After that she spotted Siblings and headed in there like nobody's business saying that she'd like a new shirt. I asked her if she brought her wallet because I wasn't paying. She just smiled sweetly and carried on.

While she browsed the racks she selected two shirts to try on. I suppose that this would have been the time to remind her that she wasn't getting a new shirt today. But I didn't. Why, you ask? Because I kinda wanted to see what they looked like on her.

While she was in the changeroom I found a rack of sundresses that were only $6.99. I KNOW! What a deal, right? I slipped one underneath her door and fell in love with it when she came out with it on.

Hey... I said she wasn't getting a new shirt. I didn't say anything about a new dress. Or two...

Yes. Two. I have only these three things to say in my defense: 1) they were only $6.99!! 2) I am so happy that she's getting back into wearing dresses and 3) she gave me "The Eyes". If you have a little girl then you know what "The Eyes" are all about. I am powerless against them. It's like her superpower. Ian, however, is completely immune to them.

And of course I have a picture to post as well. I only have a shot of the white and yellow one because she was eating a Hershey's kiss and it fell out of her mouth and on to the white and pink one she was wearing.

How does that happen? How does a piece of chocolate just fall out of someone's mouth?? Well I can tell you right now that it has never happened to me. Once that thing is in my mouth the only place its going next is into my belly.

Where was I? Oh how easily the subject of chocolate can get me off track.

Oh yes... the dress.

When we took the dresses to the counter I told Julie that we would use Daddy's credit card for this purchase. I told her that the key was to not tell him we used his card, or that we bought new dresses at all for that matter because he would cut us off. Just put one on one day and if he says anything about it just say "oh this old thing...?"

I guess I should have repeated myself a couple of times before we saw Ian because the first thing she did was tell him we bought two dresses and used his credit card to pay for them. Good thing he was in stellar spirits about a great deal he found on a video game. Whew.

Big news here... Ian has finally agreed to allow Sam to get his ear pierced. Sam has been working on Ian for over a year now. I've always been ok with it, but Ian had some concerns and I respect that. It started out that he could have it pierced for his birthday next month. He respectfully asked his dad to consider allowing him to do it today since there are only four days of school left and he'd like to show his friends. He agreed! We didn't have enough time to get it done today because Ian had to head downtown to do a magic show so tomorrow is the day. He is beyond excited!

In other news, here is a picture of the house across the street that is up for sale. Boo. He beat us to it.

I am so excited for tomorrow. Not just because Sam's dream of a pierced ear is coming true but because my favourite aunt arrives at my mom's for the summer. I love her visits. We last saw her in March when she came to help with the children while I was in the hospital having Jordan.

Jordan turned 12 weeks old today. Here she is after her bath, all tuckered out.

See you tomorrow...


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  1. Wow! Jordan has changed so much!

    I'm so glad you had a nice day despite the rain!