Saturday, June 28, 2008

Stuff on Saturday

We didn't get to have our yard sale today because it rained. Oh well... hopefully next Saturday will be sunny and bright and bring lots of people.

While Ian does the yard sale, I will set the children up with their lemonade stand. Ian gets all sorts of crazy deals for stuff and one of his favourite websites is called It was there that he found a place that was sending out full sized cardboard lemonade stands for free, so he ordered one. I can't wait to see my little ones selling lemonade on the sidewalk.

We packed up and headed to the library. We signed out about 20 books! Julie and I got laughing so hard at one point I thought we would be asked to leave.

After the library we headed to the mall to have lunch and poke around. I needed to pick up some plastic cutlery for Sam's birthday party this afternoon.

Sam's party was from 4-6pm and was a great success. Ian introduced him to laser tag a couple of months ago and now Sam has his own membership at Laser Quest.

Here is Ian and Sam heading in to kick some butt...

Sam chose an Indiana Jones themed cake and it turned out really good!

This is the topper that went on it. Run Indy..RUN!

I hope he blew across and not directly down...

Ian's best friend Gary joined the part for the second game and came back to our place after. He and Ian took the children for a walk to Walmart and shortly after they returned Sam said he had a headache and wasn't feeling well.

He and I curled up in my bed together and I read to him from a Choose Your Own Adventure book while he lay quietly. Eventually Ian carried him to his own bed.

I hope he's feeling better tomorrow...

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