Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wacky Wednesday

I had a lovely day at home alone with Jordan today. Tomorrow is the last day of school for the children so I wanted this last day with her, just the two of us.

She was so happy when she woke up this morning and I don't blame her! She went to sleep just before 9pm then didn't wake until 4:30. I fed her and she slept until 6:30 and woke looking for her pacifier. That put her back to sleep until almost 8am!

She makes such adorable cooing noises and smiles all the time. We cuddled all day and had a lovely nap together in my favourite recliner.

I had hot dogs for lunch. Not noteworthy in itself, but I just had to write about these freaky buns I bought. The regular buns were all sold out (how does that happen??) so I was forced to buy these if I wanted to have my beloved hot dogs...

That's a weird looking bun, don't you think? Here, look closer...

My wiener wouldn't sit properly in this fancy shmancy bun. And here's another complaint about it... it doesn't come out of the bag as a single bun. Oh no... it comes out as a loaf and you have to peel off two parts and HOPE they stay together to form said fancy bun. It doesn't often happen that way. So what I am left with is long strips of bread that are too narrow to make a sandwich out of.

I hope the ducks at the park are hungry because guess what they're getting for lunch the next time we visit??

Sam and Julie came home full of excitement about their report cards. I was really proud of them! Each one came to snuggle next to me as I read their grades and comments out loud and praised them for their hard work. They were just beaming.

I always remember the last day of school. Not because of my report cards, or sadness (and sometimes relief!) at not seeing my classmates for the summer. But because every year, without fail, my mom would be waiting on our front porch with a cold pitcher of kool-aid and enough glasses for all of my friends. She would listen to us squealing and talking over one another about our final report cards and plans for the summer all the while pouring glass after glass of kool-aid. Every single year she did this.

So, tomorrow afternoon, she and I will sit on her front porch with a big, cold pitcher of kool-aid and await the children after school. I can't wait.

Our plan was to make Rice Krispy Squares this afternoon. The directions are on every single Rice Krispy box so it shouldn't be too hard. But it was because do you know where I found the recipe? INSIDE THE BOX. Weird.

Sam was all excited to make these so he cracked out his apron. There used to be two of them but one is MIA and now they fight over this one. Sometimes one will hide it from the other in case they "steal" it. I have often thought about asking my mother-in-law to sew a couple for them so this war can end and this lone apron can be set free.

Anyway, here he is...

In case you are wondering, yes... he is wearing his pjs in this picture. Right after we went over his report card he ran a bubble bath for himself and came down with his pjs on. It helps him to relax, or so he tells me.

I don't think Rice Krispy Squares are supposed to be hard to make but this batch was. Man, my arm was tired from all that stirring so I just stopped adding any more cereal. I don't know if that was a good thing or a bad thing.

Here is the finished product...

They look good, don't they? Well don't be fooled. They're harder than a rock.

Julie wanted to bake something as well so we made Skor Squares.

There's a point where you really have to get your hands in there to make sure everything gets mixed together well. Better she do it then me! ;-)

And voila! The finished product...

If you are ever going anywhere and want or need to take a little something to share, this is a fail safe recipe and SO easy to make. How easy, you ask? Well.. check this out..

1 Box of Ritz Crackers
1 Pkg of Skor chips
1 Can of Condensed Milk

Step One ~ crush the entire box of Ritz Crackers into tiny pieces
Step Two ~ mix in the entire package of Skor chips
Step Three ~ stir in the can of condensed milk

Mix well, then press into a square baking pan and bake them at 350 for 20 minutes.

YUM! Easy Peasy.

See ya tomorrow!

~ Kate

PS: I think I might have spelled Krispy wrong and I am too lazy to change it. :-)

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  1. Those buns are perfect for lobster rolls!! Yay! You can butter and grill them on both sides and they stand mouth is watering now!

    Have a great afternoon tomorrow!