Friday, June 13, 2008

My Week In Review

I can't believe it's the middle of June already. It amazes me how quickly time passes.

Monday night I posted about Sam's hamster passing away. We went out pretty much right away and bought him a guinea pig. They are getting along famously.

Tuesday I kept the children home because my poor little Julie was still feeling sick. I kept Sam home too. Tuesday night the realtor came. She was really nice and I liked her right away. She has a lot of years of experience behind her and I felt really good about our meeting. She went through the house and told us what we needed to do and as soon as that's done she'll come back to give us a formal appraisal and a sign in the lawn. I really liked her a lot.

Wednesday I went over to my mom's to visit and after walking the children to school I took Jordan for our stroll. Lots of drama to be seen as this was Garbage Day. I saw one woman yelling loudly at the garbage man for not taking a bag of hers. He slapped a sticker on it and drove away, ignoring her. She shouted at him all the way down the street until he turned the corner. The next street over had even more drama. A man was shouting at the garbage man, wanting him to take an extra bag for free (we are only allowed 2 bags for free, anything over an above has to be tagged) and he was trying to throw the bag up and over the guy into the truck. The garbage guy closed up the back of the truck and gave him a sheet with a number to call if he wanted to complain and the entire time the other guy was trying to fire his bag over the enclosure. Jordan and I slowed our pace considerably lest we miss something. After school the children helped my mom trim the bushes around the porch.

Thursday I stayed home and hung out with Jordan.

Today I was back at my mom's for the morning then Jordan and I headed out to the mall to shop. She was very alert and I kept her informed of everything I saw and how much they were. I think she is coming down with Julie's cold. She's been restless and warm and a little fussy. She hardly ate yesterday or today.

That's it for today. My mind is all over the place. I think the thunder and lightening going on outside is distracting me...

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