Friday, June 06, 2008

Lovely Day

I know I've said it before but I really, really love being a stay at home mom. Today I did one of my most favourite things.... I walked the children to school instead of driving them there.

As soon as I stepped out of the house I knew it was going to be a great day. It had rained earlier in the morning and between that and the heat that was already gearing up, I could smell all the flowers and all felt right with the world.

I got Jordan situated in her stroller and off we went. We had a wonderful walk together as we laughed together, pointed out the flowers in people's gardens and solved the world's problems.

Once we were about to reach school property Sam gave me a kiss and a hug on the down low. It had to be done in private in case his friends saw. How embarrassing would THAT be?? Julie on the other hand, loves for me to walk her right to her door and wait until she goes inside. Along the way she pointed out some kids in the yard and told me something about each of them. As usual she had endless kisses and hugs for me. Soon she forgot all about me as she went about laughing and playing with them. I felt such love for her as she walked into the school with her classmates.

Then it was just Jordan and me. We took the long way to my mother's so that I could get some much needed exercise and Jordan could get some fresh air. The scent of flowers was so strong. She was awake for the entire walk, looking up at me with huge smiles. I talked to her about the flowers I saw and commented on homes that looked nice. I prayed that God would lead us to a home on a street like that one.

I felt so content as I walked along with my baby daughter. All was well in my soul. At one point I stopped and closed my eyes, my face lifted towards the sky and I thanked the Lord for blessing me with her, with Sam and Julie, and for Ian who works so hard to ensure that my dream of staying at home with my children stays a reality.

I spent the rest of the day at my mom's and we talked and talked and talked. Most days we completely lose track of time. I love spending time with her.

Our Friday Family Night was postponed tonight because the children went to a birthday party at McDonald's. Ian, Jordan and I had a quick dinner at A & W and Ian bought the craziest mug from them. It's HUGE. He was so excited about it.

OK, I have to digress a little here to tell you why this mug has Ian so excited. He has this thing for mocha flavoured milk. I guess it's super charged with caffeine or something because he suffers SERIOUS withdrawal without it. Every morning he starts off with the biggest glass he can find and mixes up this gross flavoured milk. (OK I say gross because I don't like mocha) He then takes his drink upstairs and sits in the jacuzzi for roughly 10-15 minutes, drinking it and planning his day. The fact that he now has a keg-sized glass should just make him euphoric tomorrow morning.

Where was I... ahh yes. The birthday party and A & W. From there we looked at a couple of stores and ended up at The Brick. We never buy anything from them because they are horrifically overpriced and the salespeople rival those at Bad Boy. We get inside the door and what does Ian spot right away? A shiatsu chair.

OK, I have to digress again to tell you about Ian and shiatsu. The guy is addicted to shiatsu. We have two of these things that you can either put on a chair or on your car seat and it will massage your body. He also has a shiatsu thing that rubs your neck. When we go to the CNE he becomes the biggest shiatsu whore that ever lived. Every single exhibit that offers shiatsu has a visitor in Ian. He is not picky, he does not discriminate, he goes to them all. He is so relaxed buy the time we leave it's absolutely amazing. If we go to the mall and there are shiatsu chairs there I am set. I could shop for hours and he wouldn't care or even notice as long as he didn't run out of loonies for the chair. I, on the other hand, do not have even the slightest appreciation for shiatsu. It hurts!

OK, back to the shiatsu chair at The Brick. He finally drags himself away from it to meet up with me elsewhere in the store, but then it was time to leave. What does he do before we leave? You got it... he visited The Chair again. I couldn't take listening to him go on and on about this chair anymore and said I would try it.

It should be branded as a torture machine. That thing squeezed my calves until I cried out in pain. It vibrated and rubbed the back of my head and now I have a headache. I felt worse once I got out of the chair. Honestly. I wasn't sensing the love that Ian felt for it. He can add it to his lists of dream items.... a pool table, a hot tub, and now the shiatsu chair.

Tomorrow is going to be so busy. We are having our carpets cleaned sometime between 1and 3 pm and we have tons of furniture to move. I also need to mow the lawn and weed the garden, finish packing up the playroom and laundry room and fold more laundry... ugh. I am tired just thinking of all that needs to be done. The realtor is coming on Monday night to look around and let us know what more we need to do to the house to get it ready to list. I hope it's not a lot. I'm getting tired.

I hope we get enough done tomorrow that we can treat ourselves and go to see Kung Fu Panda!

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  1. Except for the chair, it sounds like you had a wonderful day!