Friday, June 27, 2008

First Day Of Summer Vacation

We had a GREAT time together today. The children and I headed out to buy the birthday party supplies for Sam's friend party tomorrow afternoon. He chose Iron Man decorations. Jordan was quite fussy today and cried all throughout the store. I think the gentleman in line in front of me felt sorry for me because he let me go ahead of him. Very kind. Now all I need is for her to pull that at Walmart... just THINK of how quickly I could get out of there sometimes!

Next stop... order the cake. Sam's first choice was a Wall-E cake, but the toys they put on top were sold out. Honestly! The movie only started today! The bakery lady was a SAINT because she was going back and forth, bringing out toppers for different cakes. Sam kept saying "whatever...whatever" because he was worried the woman was getting cross with me. She was pretty crusty when we got started but amazingly enough, she was very kind at the end, and very into making sure Sam had what he wanted. He chose an Indiana Jones themed cake. I am very excited about it because birthday cake makes me very happy. It's one of my most favourite things ever.

After we placed the cake order we went for ice cream and played a guessing game. We choose something then have to say if it's from the bird family, reptile family, cat family, etc. After we guess for a bit we get one hint. I couldn't believe how much fun we had with this simple game! After awhile we were laughing so hard that a woman at the next table joined in on our game.

On our way home we stopped at the park for the children to play and I visited with my neighbour. Well.. ex-neighbour now. They moved out this week. Boo. I know I will still stay in touch with them through the wonderful tool of Facebook and email, but still. I hate to say goodbye. I wish them only good things.

Once we got home we hung around outside and decided to chalk up the driveway to surprise Ian when he came home. I am not one for kids games but when it comes to sidewalk chalk I am ALL OVER IT.

The children drew pictures of their pets, both past and present.

Shadow, Sam's new guinea pig...

Julie's hamster, Gabriella...

The family cat, Max...

Our cat Seven, which passed away last year. They always draw him and the caption is always the same..."Seven in Heaven"...

Some miscellaneous artwork...some is mine :-)

Julie was hard at work on her self portrait...

Sam got playing with Julie's scooter but wouldn't let me take a turn. Boo.

Then he got hot and went inside...

After baths they worked on signs for our yard sale tomorrow...

And then they were off to bed!

Here is a pic I got of them on the porch...

And my final pic is a follow up to my earlier post about my neighbours across the street and the story of their lawns... one re-seeded, one re-sodded... why didn't they work together?

Well.. apparently they water separately too!!

That's all for today... big plans scheduled for tomorrow!

~ Kate

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  1. LOL at your neighbours!!

    Great chalk drawings! They both have some wonderful artistic skills!