Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thursday Night Already??

Wow this week went by fast.

Tuesday night I went to see The Happening. I love M. Night Shyamalan's work but I have to wonder what he was thinking when he wrote this movie. There were two things that saved this movie for me. 1) Marky Mark was in it (sorry Ian) and 2) the movie was free.

"Free" you say? Yep... When Ian and Sam went to see The Incredible Hulk last weekend the projector shut down for a couple of minutes so everyone got free passes and you got it...I took one.

Yes, so my friend M Night let me down. He thrilled me with The Sixth Sense and Signs... and The Village was BRILLIANT in my opinion. Then he made Lady in the Water and I was all "what the heck are you doing M Night" but I had faith in him that he wouldn't make another bad film. But he did. Oh M Night... I am disappointed.

Wednesday morning I went to get my hair done and I feel like a million bucks. She did my roots (of course I'm a real blonde) cut 3 inches off the length, added side bangs and lots of layers. I feel terrific and I look younger which is important because I am closing in on 40.

That night we had a painter named Erwin came by to quote us on the work we needed done. Ian showed him around and then some big mouth (which would be me in case you were wondering...) said "just so you know, we're looking to get this done ASAP".

While Erwin went around to take measurements Ian very respectfully asked me not to say things like that until AFTER I have the quote in my hand because I very likely upped the price. Oops. I almost dropped dead on the spot when Ian showed me the quote. Way to go Katie...

After Extremely Expensive Erwin left we went to see a house that is for sale close to an area I like. It is a Power of Sale/As Is type deal. Wow. There wasn't a room in that place that didn't need work done. The layout was terrific and it had huge potential but wow... lots and lots of work would need to be done before anyone could move into it.

Tonight we had another painter come in. This time I kept my mouth shut and just smiled politely. He looked everything over and pointed out some things to Ian and after assuring him he would do a good job for us he handed over his quote. SCORE! Looks like Pino the Painter is Perfect.

We also had another realtor come tonight. I spoke with this gentleman about 3-4 years ago and even though we weren't ready to sell our house he patiently answered all of my questions. He was floored when I called him yesterday. We got a really great feeling from him (even better than the one we met with last week) so we're planning on going with him. Ian feels really good about him.

In other more important news, Miss Jordan seems to be doing very well. She still has a few coughing fits every so often, but seems overall to be alright. She is such a happy baby and is full of smiles.

Julie read me a story before bed and I was so impressed with how well she read. She even did voices!

Sam was making me laugh earlier this evening. He put on his apron and was sweeping the kitchen floor and was begging me to teach him how to wash dishes. Umm.. ok!

No pictures today. Maybe tomorrow...

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  1. What? No Pictures?! :)

    I'm glad things got sorted out and am so glad Jordan's feeling better!