Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday Mix

I thought that most companies would offer today as the stat holiday rather than tomorrow but I was wrong. Poor Ian had to head into the office today.

Being that Sam was so sick yesterday I tried to keep him as quiet as I could. We all stayed in our pjs until almost 3pm! What a great, lazy day.

When Ian came home he took the children to Toys R Us so that Sam could pick out something with his birthday money. He seemed fine when he left, but the trip seemed to have tired him out. Ian set him up in his room with a movie, then he headed out to see the movie Wanted.

I don't want to see that movie even though it sounds awesome. Why? Because Angelina Jolie is in it and I don't like her. I don't think she is a particularly good actress and she just all around bothers me. And yes, I am bothered that she broke up Brad and Jen.

I missed Canadian Idol tonight but I think I set our PVR to tape it. It's not as good as American Idol but it's all that's on these days.

I actually caught the tail end of The Bachelor: The Men Tell All. Man, that Deanna has zero tact. Still... I will be there next Monday when she breaks some dude's heart. That show is disgusting, but I watch it anyway.

I used to watch it while on msn with my friend Dawn and we would just die laughing at some of the craziness that went on. Our favourite part was when they would hand out the roses, and then there'd be only one rose left and the host of the show would come out and say "Ladies... this is the last rose of the evening". We'd laugh every time.

I'm off to bed.. I'm pooped.

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