Sunday, June 29, 2008

First BBQ of the Year!

Sam was feeling even worse today. He was running a fever and was throwing up. We kept him as quiet as we could all day.

Ian's parents came to visit on their way to house-sit for Ian's sister. It was a short visit and poor Sam was out of it for the whole thing. Ian's mom sewed a new insert for our highchair and brought it down. It's really cute and the fit is perfect.

The girls and I went over to my mother's for a Canada Day bbq. Sam was so sad that he had to miss it, but he was just in no shape to leave the house at all.

My aunt and her husband were there, as well as my other aunt and my nephew. I love bbqs and all the salads... yum. It was a really nice visit.

Sam seemed much better when we got home which was a great relief to see. He tends to bounce back from these things pretty quickly. Lucky him!

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